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I am trying to upgrade windows vista ultimate 32 bit to windows 7 ultimate 32 bit on a computer i built. I've tried custom installation and the recommended installation, but the same problem arises. The problem is, whenever the computer goes to restart, it does not boot back up. So, during the installation, it starts to restart, but does not boot back up, but the machine is still running. If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated.
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  1. Is it a desktop or laptop?
  2. desktop. after about 15 minutes, (i let the computer stay in the unbooted format) it started to restart again.
  3. OK, can u post the HW set up?
  4. i feel very silly. i was just impatient. i guess the installation was still going on while in the "unbooted format" the final setup instructions just popped up. thanks for donating your time though, nikorr.
  5. Sure thing, it sometimes takes even 30 minutes to continue, while it looks like it froze : )

    Good luck!
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