Yes or no?

looking for a simple answer here, will this power supply

AYWUN A1-750E 750W

run this cpu motherboard and graphics

AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition
Sapphire Radeon HD6950 2GB


especially appreciate answer from someone with this psu

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  1. IF it works well, it would be plenty, but Aywun are cheap junk. (And cheap junk could destroy your whole system.)
  2. Yes it will run it.
    You have nice gear, if it were mine, i would look at replacing the psu.
    Your unit list the 750W as peak power which always raises red flags.
    That means it probably isn't much more then a 600W unit.
    Quality units like Antec,Corsair,Seasonic,etc,list their units as continuous power.
    And deliver more then the labelled wattage.
  3. No!, get a reputable brand, PSU is single most important component!

    If it goes POP, It can take out the rest of your components!

    Corsair, Antec, Zalman, Silverstone, there are plenty of great choices!
  4. ^+1

    100% Agree with Moricon, the most important component in any PC build, you can't try to save a few dollars buying a cheaper power supply because if it does pop.. (As moricon said)
  5. right, thanks for the input guys. decided to go for a different psu instead =P
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