Looking for a stock GB 5770 cooling

I'm in search for the stock cooling that I want back on the card. I've thrown mine a month ago by accident and I need it now. Any help would be appreciated !!

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  1. eBay
  2. Tried that, looks like these kind of forums are the safer bet. Here I can find someone who upgraded their cooling system and doesn't need the stock one anymore.
  3. OK go on newegg and try to get either a Zalman VF900 or VF1000 as either one is good enough to cool your card and can be used with others. The VF1000 is a sure bet.
  4. Let me clear another thing, I need the stock one in order to get the warranty working, something happened to the card and I need to bring it to stock again for replacement. Thanks for the tip though :)
  5. Still looking :)
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