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GTX480/580 and multiple monitors

Easy one (in contrast to my previous; other categories):

Does a single GTX 480 or 580 support two monitors?
And do two GTX 480s or 580s support three or four monitors?

I ask because while this link says the 580 supports multiple monitors, Nvidia's SLI site kinda suggests that you have to have two cards to support two monitors and that you need THREE cards to get three or four monitors.

To get three monitors do I need to just have the two cards NOT in sli or some other constraint?

Thanks in advance, folks.
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    I just clipped this from a review of a 580
    "NVIDIA confirmed that you can use only two displays at the same time, so for a three monitor setup you would need two cards."
    This is the same for a 480.

    Mactronix :)
  2. yeah, 1 card support 2 monitors, and 2 cards and support 3-4
  3. ^+1 confirm
  4. Petey1013 said:
    yeah, 1 card support 2 monitors, and 2 cards and support 3-4

    When running 3-4 monitors, are the monitors in sli configuration or do they run as two separate video cards?

    Thanks all for your replies. This is reassuring. (Wouldn't matter if Nvidia's site was more helpful/less confusing)
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