Buying new rig soon

Hi, buying after January, when stocks of i5-2500k/i7-2600k and corsair vengeance arrive in Singapore

Have a budget of 1.2k excluding keyboard, mouse, monitor. Just everything in the tower case.

Here is my planned rig:

CPU: i5-2500k or i7-2600k ($100+ difference. Wanna last for 3 years so no idea what to choose)

MOBO: Asus P8P67 or P8P67 Pro ($30 difference. Will not overclock much so does it makes a difference?)

RAM: 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mHz CL9 kit when it arrives. ($??)

SSD: Corsair sandforce 60G ($160) or OCZ vertex 2 60GB ($150) For OS

HDD: Samsung spinpoint F3 1 TB ($60)

PSU: OCZ Z Series 550W PSU ($90)

CASING: CM 690II Basis ($100)

GPU: MSI GTX 570 ($400) or Sapphire 6950 ($320)
Don't think 6970 has great value over performance ratio.

Need help esp over VGA. Will like to keep power consumption low while enjoying games at max settings as 1080p.Trying to drive the costs down as low as possible so will be glad to hear advice on how to improve value-performance ratio. Thanks.
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  1. Well I have a link here it may help you. Hopefully it will help you.

  2. Avoid expensive RAM w/ fancy heat spreaders that do nothing bit "look cool"

    I'd get a better quality PSU .... an 850 watter (XFX Black, Corsaie HX/AX series or Antec SG / CP / HCP series) to handle that 2nd card you gonna buy next Xmas

    Get the Vertex 2 120 GB ($195)

    Cases, I'd look at the HAF922, Antec DF-35
  3. O.o Wait what the 60gb Vertex 2 isn't 150, it's 120$ @ the Egg. As for 120gb, you don't need to get that (not that it is useless) but you just don't need that size of an SSD 60gb is good enough for OS boot.
  4. ^ agreed
  5. He said he was in singapore though... Newegg last I checked didnt deliver to Singapore...

    Your build looks good I would get the i7 if your ok with the price. Its and awesome cpu and rivals the i7 extreme edition. Which is a real 6 core processor.

    Go with the pro for sure. It is worth the extra, the evo is not but the pro is.

    I suggest just getting the G.Skill Ripjaws if you can from newegg they are some of the cheapest quality RAM available. I am not sure on how they stand in singapore though price wise...

    I suggest buying a slightly better powersupply. Far too many people cheap out on the power supply and it ends up costing them. The lucky ones jsut need to upgrade to a new powersupply. The unlucky ones have system brown outs. A brown out is when your computer keeps running but without the proper voltage. This causes a multitude of problems worst being your cpu, gpu, or other components burn up.

    I would go for the gtx 570 if price isnt an option mainly because I love nvidia and trust their drivers more than ati. The 6950 is an amazing card though. It can be overclocked to 6970 speeds quiet easily from what I have read.

    Final note is make sure your power supply is bronze certified or higher. This means it will use half of normal powersupplies consumption wise.
  6. Yeah so i noticed XD
  7. Thanks for all the advice.

    I will definitely get the i7 with the P8P67 Pro.
    Will upgrade to a seasonic M12II 620W just in case.
    Not decided on the GPU yet but I may just get the 6950 for the bang for the buck.

    Unfortunately, RAM kits are pretty limited over here. The cheapest kit i got is Team elite 1333mHz 8GB kit which cost around $100. Corsair's vengeance 1600 mHz CL9 are about $170 here. Which do you think is better?
  8. Its really up to you, I mean 1600 mhz will be faster than 1333. The question is is it worth 70$ for you. If you are not gonna do processor heavy operations like autocad, other 3d design, or lightroom, etc. These require more RAM then most computers have (2Gb) which oyu have already solved but the speed of the RAM also factors into it. Speed dictates the write speed and how quickly you can perform operations. (This and the latency actually)

    What websites are you using in singapore, I might be able to browse around for some other RAM for you. Reckon I might not be able to read some of it but numbers are numbers. I have heard of Team Elite but in all honesty dont know much about them. Corsair makes good RAM. The Brands I tend to stick to are G.Skill, Mushkin, Crucial, and Corsair. Kingston also makes decent RAM but I have had trouble with them in the past with customer service issues. Hope all of this helps you.

    As for shelling out the extra money for the i7 I would say its worth it for future proofing. Though only new product intel should release this year are the even higher end i7 but they will be in the price bracket that the bloomfield and extreme used to be in. Your pc should easily last 3 years + the only thing oyu might need to replace is the gpu in 2-3 years. Go for the ati card its a nice card and all the reviews recommend it.
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