Bose Companion 5 compatible with addtional sound card installed in PC

I have a Bose Companion 5 connected through USB and I during gaming I like to use headphones but was not happy with the quality of the sound during gaming. So I am considering getting a sound card HT Omega Claro Halo, since this sound card has a built in amplifier for headphone. Now my question is if I leave my Bose connected to my PC and also insert the sound card along with its drivers, can I still use them both and switch between speakers or headphones connected through sound card? Or will this cause compatibilty issue having both in my PC? Please help
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    What you want to do will work. Since the Bose system is USB based, it will not conflict with the sound card that you want to use. USB uses different port addresses than the PCI slots on your motherboard.

    Most PC's and motherboards have built in sound. Realtek is the most common type. I recommend you try connecting your headphones there first to see if you notice an improvement or find a conflict.
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