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So i own a lenovo y570 and i just want to know if my laptop can support both pc3 10600 and pc3 12800

or is the website above just wrong
P.S i bought this laptop about a month ago
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    If Crucial says your machine supports DDR3-1600MHz memory then it almost certainly supports DDR3-160MHz memory, aka PC3 12800.

    If you intend to run both PC3-10600 and PC3-12800 at the same time, then no you can't do that. It would either not run at all or run at the highest speed supported by both memory kits, the CPU, and the motherboard.

    It's kinda like how a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, if one device doesn't support something that all other devices in the chain support then that feature isn't used by any of them to retain compatibility.
  2. Someone ought to add that, "highest speed supported by both memory kits," is another way of saying, "the slower (max) speed of both memory modules."
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