6850 + World of Warcraft lag


My old PC Spec:
Intel core2duo conroe 2.3ghz
P5k Deluxe mobo
2GB Corsair DDR2800
Inno3D 8800GT 512mb
22" wide lcd
580W Gigabyte psu

Recently changed my Nividia gfx card with the new Ati HD 6850 1gb card.

Since then I noticed when playing world of warcaft I have about the same fps (60-120 fps) but feels spiky sometimes. Also on loading screens my mouse is laggy. I tried setting gfx to low, but no big change really. Also reduce input lag didn't seem to help either.
Lag feels stuttery especially if I move my char fast in circles.
Low-Ultra settings feels almost the same in performance.

In my ati catalyst settings I set everything to "Use application settings", set to mutlisampling.
I thought perhaps my cpu or memory is the bottleneck, but I don't understand how the game ran smooth with my Nvidia card on medium settings.

I installed the 10.10 drivers, then the 10.10d hotfix, and now the 10.11 update.
This is my first Ati card, so perhaps I am missing important tuning settings.

Any ideas?

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  1. did you sweep the old drivers completely before installign the 6850?
  2. I'm pretty sure you want to stick to 10.10e, the 10.11's DO NOT support the new 68xx, yeah thats dumb, but its true.
    Its going to confuse people. Thought I heard it would not even install?
    I would sweep like mentioned, then do NOT change anything in CCC. Some users sabotage themselves , by forcing IQ settings which can KILL your fps.

    Also your cpu/gpu is more unbalanced now, with a faster gpu and slow clock speed.
    You should be able to tune it to perform as well as your old combo though imo.
  3. Hey m8,

    Try to enable Vertical Sync in the WoW Video options to reduce the framerate to a steady 60fps (your eyes wont see any more fps anyway and i doubt your monitor has a higher refresh rate).

    Also try uninstalling the Nvidia drivers (if you havent already done so) and ATI drivers completely (pref with a prog like your uninstaller which also cleans the registry) and just get the latest drivers from the ATI site restart and reinstall ATI dirvers (dont go for any beta or modded drivers).

    Im about to update my 8800GT 512 for a card similar like yours, lemme know if it works out otherwise ill stick with Nvidia (460/470) cuz i also play WoW and not to many other games.

    You card shouldnt need any extra configuring to make it work with an old game like wow, default outta the box it should outperform yr old 8800 by 200%

    Good luck !
  4. You need to factor in that in the last 2 weeks Blizz has been patching for Cataclysm almost every day. Everyone is having lag problems and glitches with stuttering. Your problem may be related to realm latency, not your new GPU.
  5. World of Warcraft is pretty heavily driven by CPU. Server side issues can also cause performance slowdowns in heavily populated areas like capital cities.

    My rig
    Q6600 at 3.2 GHz
    4GB of RAM
    HD 5850

    Still get slowdowns to <60 fps in areas like Dalaran. Not much to do with the GPU.

    As far as the stuttering that doesn't sound normal and the driver sweep should probably clean it up.
  6. Quote:
    ATI site restart and reinstall ATI dirvers (dont go for any beta or modded drivers).

    He needs to use a certain driver, his hardware the 6850 is so new.
    AMD has released a 5 revision of 10.10 to fix problems or performance with the 68xx cards.
    The new whqul 10.11 unified driver is said to NOT support the new cards, which is probably confusing people.
  7. Thanks for the great replies, I will test some of the suggestions tonight.
    I have removed all my old drivers before installing new ones.
    Perhaps the 10.11 versions is giving me problems, and also my CPU might just bottleneck my card.
    Am upgrading my cpu, mobo and memory next year asap.
  8. Back to the 10.10 drivers after completely removing old drivers first. No luck though.
    No luck with vertical sync + tripple buffering either.
    The game is playable but it just does not feel smooth. Not what I expected with this card vs my old one.
    Hopefully a cpu + more memory upgrade will solve this.
  9. I have the same issue. Same card, same game. My framerate stays consistent, but still doesn't feel smooth. I enabled DX11 which fixed the fps spikes when I turn. But I can walk in a straight line for a distance, and see little micro "stutters" where it looks like the game skips over a frame or something. It's small and hard to notice but it's there and it's driving me nuts. I also have installed the new 10.12 drivers. So I don't think it's really a driver issue unless all drivers for this card just suck. I've tried locking out the game at different fps caps, and some make it better, some make it worse. I don't want to play with 60 fps because it won't stay consistent in high activity areas, and I don't want to keep it at 30 becuase it just feels really slow-mo. The best framerate i have found is between 35 and 40. At 35 , it seems like the world is moving at a framerate slower than my character. My characters movments feel smooth, but the world is going by not as smooth. At 40, the world and my character go by smooth, but occassionally it does the micro stutter i mentioned earlier where it feels like the framerate just skipped a frame. Here's my setup

    Radeon 6850
    4gb 1333 ram
    Athlon II 630 2.8g
    MSI Motherboard
    60hz LG Widescreen LCD with DVI connection

    10.12 Driver
    CCC set at factory settings
    Game set at high settings with shaders turned down one step.

    The game behaves this way where i have it on medium settings or ultra...the card is powerful and can handle just about anything so it doesn't seem to be an issue related to card stress. I am really stumped.
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