to my new gaming rig i have selected the following motherboards!

gigabyte ga 890 gpa ud3h

msi 870A fuzion


the specs of the pc im going to build are as follows:

amd phenom ii x4 955 be
ati radeon hd 5770
4 gigs of ram
500 gb hard drive

which motherboard is better?? please help! i dont know what to choose!!
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  1. personally I would go with ether MSI or Gigabyte, I tend to lean toward MSI, since I have an MSI mobo and it rocks. ASRock I have read isnt all that trustworthy.
  2. im not sure about the msi! it doesnt have crossfire or sli. it has a new tech called fuzion! which is still too new and buggy!! so that leaves me with the gigabyte eh??
  3. ^ If you are looking for Crossfire and decent overclocking options, then ASRock 870 Extreme,...
    Yes ASRock weren't that good when it comes to reliability, but they have improved a lot, IMO they are current one of the best value manufacturers in the mobo dept,...

    So you can invest the saved money on a better graphics card - HD 6850,...
  4. Well, I have had very good experiences with Asrock. The extreme 4 looks like a great motherboard. But it has a few negative DOA reviews.
    Msi however has had documented issues with the AMD 800 series boards. You can go check the reviews out at newegg.com and judge for yourself but there are a lot of DOA and early failure boards. I don't think the Fuzion is worth it unless you have specific [lans to put a geforce card and ATI card on the same motherboard. I don't think its worth it anyway.

    So that leaves the Gigabyte board. In your shoes, I would get either a Gigabyte or Asus 870 motherboard and skip the 890GX since the onboard video is not going to be useful to you. The 790GX and 770 motherboards were similar in price, but the 890GX go for $150 and you may as well spend $30 more for a top o the line FX mobo.

    But for a single card I'd choose the 870 chipset.

    With one video card, it really doesn't matter but the PCI express lanes are lmited on 870 chipsets for multiple graphics cards. On the other hand, why pay extra for onbaord video if you won't be using it.
  5. ^ I doubt the PCIe lanes are limited in the 870 chipset, it is just that the mobo manufacturers want to keep the x8x8 Crossfire option on higher-end offerings,... So they dont implement proper x8x8 for boards other than 890 chipset ones,...

    But ASRock with their 870 and even 880G Extreme mobos, have implemented x8x8 for Crossfire,...
  6. i had the asrock 870 in my mind because i wanted to cut down prices and buy a new monitor. is the asrock board any good in gaming??
  7. and please tell me about the future upgradability of the asrock 870 extreme!!
  8. ^ Like I said it is a good board with decent features, can even take 6-Core CPUs, has x8x8 Crossfire option,...
    Here are some reviews of that board -
  9. the 870 is cheap too!! and it looks like a good motherboard!!

    please check this some guy has said that he cant install double sized gpu's like the hd 6850 in crossfire on the asrock 870 extreme 3!

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