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HI everyone i have a phenom II 940 with an ocz vendetta 2 cooler, my proccy is overclocked to 3.5 but temps run very high under stress goin to 56-57 after 30 minutes, i use the arctic mx-3 tim with the cooler. but i just have one fan on the top of my case sucking the hot air out. my cabinet is the cm gladiator 600

i was thinking of getting the scythe ultra kaze 3000 for putting on top of my case and adding a couple of more fans on the side and the rear for proper heat exhaust. but i am also thinking of using the scythe fan for my cpu cooler.

what do you guys think?? how can i reduce load temps?
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  1. Those load temps are actually fine, but you could improve them, just tell us your exact fan layout, have you any front fans drawing air into the case, and any rear ones pushing air out?
  2. This is what your case fan set up should look like.
  3. i have a front intake fan which is a 120 mm 1200rpm fan and a top exhaust. I have no fans on the sides or the rear
  4. Put another 120mm on the rear to help draw the hot air out of the case, and another 120mm on the side to push cool air in over the cpu heatsink and motherboard.
  5. You definitely need a 120mm rear exhaust.
    A side fan is optional though.
    In my experience they accomplish little and add dust alot.
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