Crysis only 20fps with HD5870???


I wonder if anyone give me some advice. First my set up:

- Sapphire Vapor X HD5870 2GB

- i7 980x

- Asus P6X58D Premium

- 12gb Corsair memory

- 850 watt Corsair PSU

- Windows 7 64 bit

my set up is mainly for music production but have been playing Crysis recently and thought my set up would be able to handle it no probs.

However, with everything on Very High settings, 8xAA, 1920x1200 I am only getting 20fps (19.9 to be exact)!! This is worrying as most reviews of the HD5870 suggest an average of 30+ fps on max settings. I'm using latest AMD drivers

Do you have any suggestions? I have tried overclocking teh card using the built in CCC tool but Crysis crashes if I increase the memory clock from the default 1200 even though CCC tells me beforehand that the increase is fine.

Tomshardware did a review of the HD5870 where it ran on the same settings as I'm playing and they got an average of 31 fps! So why can I not get this type of performance with an even better system?

Thanks for any assistance
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    How's the performance in other games ? Also do you have the latest patch installed ? it brings a good performance boost in performance.
  2. I had a 5870 for a short time and was never able to turn on AA for Crysis. I simply turned it on Very High and that was it. Crysis is one of those games that you will never be able to crank ALL the way up no matter what you throw at it. AA seems to be a real killer in the game. I wouldn't base your performance on Crysis as most other games will be fine. Far Cry 2 is another game that you won't be able to crank up. Even with my last card, a 5970, 8x AA was a little choppy at times and dipped below 60 FPS to around 40FPS.

    Crysis looked good with no AA when I played. I preferred turning up all the details, the environment in the game is very detailed and I didn't really notice the jaggies all that much.
  3. Perhaps your HDD(s) are slowing it down? Only thing that I could think of at those specs. My 4870 gets close to that fps without AA so seems kinda low since it's only 8x AA. Although "jay2tall" is right about the AA it's a killer in this game. What do you get without it?
  4. I used to play Crysis with 5870's in CF, and I could not play it at very high and x8 AA. I could play it with x4 AA which is how the benchmarks will test it at it's highest settings. With a single 5870, you won't even be able to have x4 AA.

    Edit: Maybe I could play it at x8 AA, but it wasn't worth it, which meant it was below 40 FPS.
  5. Question: Are you running Gamer settings, or Enthusiest?

    At Enthusiest with AA, your FPS looks about right, at least for the origional Crysis.
  6. Hi, thanks so much for everyone replying to me. I will try to respond to all here.

    My HDD is a Caviar Black at 7200 so should be fine. All patches installed. The only other game I have is Crysis Warhead and the framerate is around the same. Playing all on Very High and Enthusiast settings.

    Last night I rolled back to the previous Catalyst drivers (10.10) and it appeared to help marginally - speed was averaging 22fps - still slow.

    When I turn AA off completely, I get 40fps which is more like it but you do lose some of the prettiness but when you move around a lot, you don't have time to notice jaggies too much.

    From gamerk316's and bystander's comments, it seems this kind of framerate is in keeping with my settings so perhaps I shouldn't be overly concerned, I just expected the 5870 to be quite a bit faster, especially after reading reviews such as the Tomshardware one.

    Maybe I'll upgrade to the GTX580 when price comes down a bit...
    Thanks again
  7. Try some graphic configs.There are some of them which will raise the FPS and make the graphics even better! have a look at CCC 2.1 config
  8. I know that most sites still use Gamer, not Enthusiest settings when testing Crysis. And I know AA causes a MASSIVE dropoff.

    As for the 5870, its not significantly faster then my 4890, and at Enthusiest + 2xAA, I'm only getting around 25 or so FPS, so at first glance, the numbers seem to be within a margin of error.
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