Samsung 152T

Questions for 152T owners out there...i need some advice... ;P

On pure black screens in a drak room the luminance bleed is about a one inch semi circle at the center of each of the 4 edges, is this normal for 152T? One more thing...the controls on the panel are not very responsive compare to adjusting it with video card driver settings.(eg, brightness and contrast settings). Another thing...does the back of 152T hums when brighness setting falls below 20?

Love the panel design and everything...but I'm starting to think this panel is defective in someway...

I have tested my monitor on Geforce 256DDR and ATI Radeon 7200.(Analog)

Some advice?...Thanks :)
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  1. Turns out to be a defective unit...i got a replacement, bleed through problem is ~1cm now... can barely see it in a well lit room...
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