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After many years now, i think it is time i get some sort of wireless connection going in my house.
I currently have a 100Mbs LAN with cable internet. I just recently also got a Dell laptop and a new PC, both with Wireless 802.11b/g compatability.
I was also reading around and found out that there is a newer format, 802.11a which is better again, so i was thinking i might upgrade my PC to 802.11a but leave my laptop on the built in 802.11b/g.

however, i am not sure how to go about connecting these two new computers to the current network i have setup. What new gear do i need to get?

So far i have found the following that i think will suit my needs from D-Link: <A HREF="" target="_new">DI-784</A>

i also have made a picture of my current setup and what i would like to do.

<A HREF="" target="_new">PICTURE</A>

Please let me know if what i am aiming to do is correct and/or any comments you may have. Also, what hardware do i need to get if the D-Link wireless hub is not what i should be after?


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  1. Unless you want to replace your current router I HIGHLY suggest just getting an accesspoint like the Linksys WAP55AG or D-Link DWL-7100AP.

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