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I just got a brand new computer. Haven't installed or downloaded any programs besides Firefox. My internet (possibly my general network) connection is very slow. I ran speedtest and it shows barely 1mb/sec download, but between 4 and 5 meg upload.

Also, when transferring files over the network to the new computer, it's going just over 100KB/s. That seems extremely slow to transfer files locally. Both computers are 10/100Mbps. My internet connection is rated at 10Mbps down. While researching this problem, everyone points at spyware and other junk... but this computer is new out the box, and I deleted all the crap that HP puts on.

The computer is running Windows 7 Home Premium. The network card is integrated into the motherboard. The PC's model number is A4310F, from HP. The router I'm using is an old Linksys BEF11S4 v.2. It's wireless-b, which I have disabled. It should be noted that the wired connection only works on the 1st and 3rd port on the router. If i use 2 and 4, the light just blinks and it doesn't send a connection.

Also, the Cat5 cable is old. I don't know if that makes a difference.

My initial thought is that it's a router problem, because of the couple ports not working. But I switched ports on the router so that the new comp is using the port that my old computer has a fast connection. I would like some suggestions before I go buying parts. It's got to be router, NIC, or cable. Gonna try to use a fresh cable first, since that' the cheapest solution. I may have an old NIC laying around that I can try. From what I can see, there's no sticker on my case to indicate when i open it. Shouldn't void warranty.

Summary: New Win7 PC. Network is slow on internet and locally, Even numbered ports on 7 year old router don't work, old cat5, Old vista PC is fine.
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  1. If it's brand new, I'd do the troubleshooting you mentioned (cable is cheap, or use the cable that works well for the other PC) but also consider HP tech support - that's part of why you bought a name brand, is you should be able to get support.
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