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I'm upgrading to a new computer.All my games are in a HDD in my old computer, some of the games i wanna keep are D2D and i deleted the files to save space, now when i switch to the new system(I'll be getting new HDD), how am i going to play the games with my new computer?
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  1. most games come with CD ROMs for installing them, do they not?
  2. if your buying a new computer after setting it up (with the new HDD) after windows is fully booted, hook up

    the other HDD ( should be able to as long as your computer isn't 7-8 years old) to your motherboard check

    on Google for Long explanation ( may need another sata cable though)
  3. Ok I got another question,I was planning to use esata and transfer the games but games installed on one HDD have some important files on c drive so if I just copy the game and the save files how about the other files?
  4. Replies pls I'm gonna upgrade very soon.
  5. anyone?
  6. How about if I boot up the new HDD and set the old HDD as the 2nd bootable device, the problem is I'll have two Win 7's in two separate HDDs
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