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4-Pin to 6-Pin Connectors

Is there any problem/risk with using 4-pin to 6-pin connectors to satisfy part of a GPU's power requirements?

Core i-7 950 OC'ed to 4.5 GHz
Gigabyte UD3R
6 GB DDR3-1600
Corsair 650TX PSU (only has 2 6-pin connectors)
HD 5850 Crossfire (AMD recommends total of 4 6-pin connectors and 650W PSU)

If each card has 1 6-pin and 1 4-pin converted to 6 (vs 2 true 6 pin), will you see any difference in performance or have any problems? Many 5850's come packaged with these converters so I would think it would be fine, but never hurts to confirm. Are there any users that are currently using 4-pin to 6-pin converters that can share their experience?
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    They work fine as long as your PSU has enough amps on the 12V rail (and yours does). I'm currently running 2 GTX 465's in SLI with a seasonic 620w with the 2 6 pins on one card and the 2 molex adapters on the other one. I've tried the ones that feed 2 4 pins into one 6 pin and 1 4 pin into one 6 pin and they work the same.
  2. ^+1 as long as the PSU meets the requirements. As a general practice I would plug the adapter into a separate segment of wire for each 6 pin adapter. for example, don't plug your hard drives into the same segment that your 6 pin adapter is plugged into, leave it on it's own segment.
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