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I have 3x2GB three channel memory (CORSAIR 1600MHz) installed on Gigabyte EX-58-Extreme mother board and I want to upgrade it.

I have found these 4x4GB GSKILL 16GB RIPJAWSZ DDR3 1600MHZ quite cheap. (http://www.gskill.com/products.php?index=427)

So, my first question is if I buy 4x4GB RIPJAWSZs, will they compatible with my motherboard?
Second, there will be 2 empty RAM slots, if I put 2x2GB Corsairs into these slots (20GB in total), will my motherboard support this configuration?
If this configuration operates, how would be the performance? (dual/3 channel?)
Do you have any other RAM suggestion for my case?

Any help or advice is appreciated.
Thank you.
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  1. It should work without any problem.

    But I personally would not use the 2x2, since u will have plenty of RAM, even for a RAM disc : )
  2. 6 gb is enough for gaming. If you do productivity work (professional video editing), you may want the 16 gb.
  3. I need it for music production, samples eating up all the memory.

    So, I'm going for 4x4GB. But, would there be any problem if I try to install 2x2GB too?
  4. Take the advantage of the cheapness of the RAM these days : )
  5. You cannot install different sets of RAM sticks at the same time. Stick to the 4x4.
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