What kind of GFX setup would I need to run 3x 30 inch monitors

My setup right now is a single 5870 with a single 30 inch dell monitor 2560x1600. I am thinking about adding two more 30 inch monitors to my set up, but what I am wondering is what kind of graphics card setup would I need to run such a super high resolution like that?

Would 2 more 5870's do it? I already have the motherboard and a 1200 watt PSU to welcome home 2 more 5870's. But would that be enough to game with three 30 inch monitors? Wanna get some input before I even think about doing something crazy like this.
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  1. To be honest, I've never seen benchmarks with 3 of those, but I have seen several with 1 of those monitors. It seems, even with 1 monitor at that resolution, a 1GB card runs into issues with higher settings.

    You'll want at least two 5870's with 2GB v-ram each to deal with the frame buffer issue.

    You could also switch sides and get 480's or 580's as the standard models come with 1.5 GBs, which may be enough.
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