Problems with my Dell GX280

My dell gx280 makes a "clicking noise" and then I get a screen that says........

Drive 2 not found:Parallel ata, Pata-0 (pri ide master)
Drive 3 not found:Parallel ata, Pata-1 (pri ide slave)

Also, it has gotten slower and slower. What can this be?
Thanks, Laura
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  1. you have a hard drive problem. BACK UP EVERYTHING ASAP! You can lose it tomorrow!
    ide master/slave is referring to your hard drive. If you still want to use the laptop buy a new hard drive and replace it.
  2. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    How many drives does your rig have?
  3. This is a desktop pc. I have already had the hard drive relpaced twice and it still makes this noise and gets the messages. However, I went to the Dell website and updated my drivers. Only reason I wanna see if I can do anything else is that I paid the repair place $200.00 to repair it and of course it continued to do this so I dont want to have to spend that again plus more for a new until I am really sure there isnt anything that Can be done. So far it has stayed up for 3 days now without a message but this has happend before. Just wondered if anyone had any other thoughts about this. May very well have to eventually buy another system. Thanks for all your input!!!
  4. PSU problem or board problem, that's what I think in your problem.
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