Screen goes black while loading windows

Hello, I have just installed a new motherboard (ga-z68xud3h-b3 gigabyte) and when I reboot or turn on from a shut down the load time is long and after the windows logo creates itself from dots on the screen, the screen goes blank for about 3 seconds, comes back on and then takes another 20 seconds to load. Anyone know what this is? Is this a problem with the screen going black for a couple seconds? Also, when I engage windows explorer for the first time it takes like 25-30 seconds to engage the google home screen...Im wondering if this is also related.

Gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 motherboard / 2600k (overclocked to 4.2)
8 gig ddr3 1333
msi 560ti video card
seagate hdd 1.5 tb hard drive

Thanks for any help. Im concerned that this could be a symptom of a worse problem.
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  1. The screen may go black when Windows initializes the card, before that the bios has it.

    That part is normal, the very slow start up could be many things. I recommend removing anything that you do not use from startup. That said, if you have a slower hard drive, it takes long to load windows and all startup apps.

    If you installed a new board and did not install windows from scratch, it may be part of the issue. Windows does not always like board changes as it has drivers from the old board loading as well.
  2. Are you saying that you have replaced the motherboard? I you had ouyr computer running windows and theb switched out the mptherboard then the OS is mostlikly loading or trying to load the drivers for the other motherboard and the components that were on that board , like the intergrated soung , intergrated networkchip and whatever chipset that was on the other board. What a good thing to do would be to format the hdd and reload windows , save all your files and personal stuff on another drive or cd and reload. Then you can load all the drivers for the new motherboard and there will be no conflicts.
  3. Thanks guys...I see the logic in what both of you have said however, my old mother board, was also a gigabyte and the d3 model...was very new. I only replaced it because the pins where the cpu sits were bent. Instead of waitng for another RMA, I just bought another, albeit a little better and more expensive, motherboard and am going to sell the new one when it comes in (so if you know anyone who needs a z68 mobo for 80 -90 bucks...) Point is Im just trying to make certain that the difference in the mother board drivers could result in this issue being that both are new mobos and almost the same. Thanks again
  4. It can be that(Its hard to promise, but seems like a good bet). Even if the boards are similar, it does not mean they are close enough(or even have parts connected the same way). You may have more then one driver for many parts trying to load making everything slow.

    It is never recommended to just swap a board.
  5. Cool, thanks. Sorry for the grammar...rum and cokes and holiday family...glug glug. Any suggestions on how (super noob question) to save all my files (especially game files) so when I re-install they are good to go? Not exactly sure how to save files and reload them.
  6. You you use steam, you can use the backup game feature, but it will not take save games.

    Some Steam games have a steam cloud feature that has your save games on the net.

    Other then that, you are best to google the save location of games(as games do not all save in the same location). Many will save in the my documents->my games folder.

    Games should be reinstalled or restored in on steam. A copy and past of a game may or may not work since many games have files/registry entries in other locations on the system.

    It is best to make a list of what you want to backup so you do not miss anything.

    The files can be placed on CD/DVD's or flash drives. Even more ideal is external hard drives since they have more space.

    Things to remember

    Games(backup if in steam)
    Skins for programs(if you use those, for me winamp)
    Desktop and documents folders c:\users for win7
    Any files you placed other locations like in the root of c: ect
    Some programs save templates in there folders as well so check your most used programs

    Hell with an external, you can almost just copy everything over to it and sort it later.
  7. Ok, thanks again! I think this is a non-rum and coke scenario so I will waite until tommorow. I do have steam and didnt even realize that I had backed up games on it from like 2003/4 until I loaded it up for skyrim. Its not even that I would hate to have to do it all like skyrim are more dynamic and I am very happy with my progression. The shooters I dont mind just pounding it out again. Thanks again.
  8. Good idea.

    With Steam in List view you can see what games use Steam Cloud to hold your save games. Games that do not will require you to find and backup your saves

    Backup is an option when you right click a game. You can backup games in groups, but note this takes lots of space. You can tell it to break up the files to fit CD's or DVD's for easy burning as well.

  9. Waite, is it as simple as taking the save game from a file and saving it on a usb then just placing it back in so I pick up where I left off?
  10. it sure is. Thats all I do. I build to many damn computers. If the game has steam cloud, it does it on its own :)

    I take the full folder since it also has your settings sometimes.

    Check in your documents folder under My Games. you will see some games save in that location.
  11. Awsome. You have made this Marine proof (we used to say that when I was in or "better watch them...Marines can f@@# up an anvil" . Thanks again.
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