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When I search for info on fiber optic home networks most of the results come back with reviews of the Fios network from Verizon instead of actual fiber home networks. My uncle works in telecom and recommended that since I have my whole house open right now to do renovation before I move in that I do a bit of future proofing and wire the whole house in fiber instead of CAT6. Has anyone done this? I see plenty of fiber NICs and 16 port fiber switches on ebay. Can anyone share their experiences in doing this and its pros and cons?
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  1. I'd expect that it's a bit more expensive to do fiber, without much speed benefit. With 5e or 6 cabling, you can do gigabit speeds. I pulled 5e in my house a few years back. You can dual-use the drops for phone or data that way, which is nice.

    I'd pull 5e/6 and some coax to any room where you might want a TV, as well. Between that & wireless you should be in good shape.
  2. Fiber in your house is over kill. You would need corporate grade switches and a corporate grade router to make it run. Even then you wouldn't see much of an increase over Cat5e/6 speeds. Internet wouldn't even matter.

    Stick with Cat5e/6 wired network.
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