Graphic card supporting i5-650

i have the following system:
intel core i5 650

intel DH55TC motherboard

DDR3 dual channel memory 4096 Mbytes

intel HD graphics

what Graphic card should i buy ?
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  1. depend on your price range,
    $150 - nvidia gtx550
    $250 - nvidia gtx560 ti

    also, if you dont have a lot of power (watts) to spare, you might want to go with
    ati 5770 -$130

    nvidia will give you physics and cuda
    ati will be cooler, quieter, and more bang for your buck.
  2. Hard to say what GPU to buy unless you give us a budget
  3. Need a budget and your monitor resolution and what games you will play.
  4. budget is no problem.
  5. i wanna play games like crysis, dead space 2 and fallouy 3 & new vegas
  6. monitor res: 1280*1024
  7. If there is no budget and you plan to run at least 1080p I'd suggest a 6950 2GB or a GTX 570. Then again, kinda need to know what PSU you have....
  8. Quote:
    if you haven't got a budget, then why would you settle for anything but the best 6990 or gtx 590? (if i didn't have a budget i would :P)

    Get 2. Quadfire!!!
  9. Yes if you get 2 6690's you'll get like 500FPS at 1080p. That's the target range to play games smoothly.
  10. You have a mobo that cant cf or sli.Better you take 590.
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  12. Thank u all for helping me. Have a nice day fellas. Thank u all again !!!
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