GTX 260 SLI vs newer GTX card

I currently have 2 GTX 260 SLI's in my core i7 setup and I am looking at getting a 3D monitor. I've been trying to find benchmarks comparing this vs some of the newer cards, but haven't been able to find much. The main question is, what would be the benefit of me getting a newer card (ie gtx 480 or better) vs just sticking with my current setup? Thanks!
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  1. A GTX480 wouldn't be an improvement worth the money (around 20%?). GTX580..I still wouldn't go with because you're getting a 35% improvement for $500.

    You're not missing anything besides DX11.
  2. I couldn't find any direct comparisons but I believe (2) GTX 260's slightly outperform a GTX 480. So you really are not gaining anything. The 260 is a direct competitor of the ATI 4870. (2) of these runs around what a GTX 480 would. Depends what game you are benching and what not. The only thing you would really gain is DX11, which isn't really a good reason. I'd hold onto them for another round of cards until a single card outperforms your pair be a compelling amount, or upgrade to another dual card setup. Maybe when the GTX560, or 570's come out.
  3. I actually had 2 x GTX 260 Core 216's in SLI with an i5-750 @ 4Ghz.

    I then installed a GTX 470.

    Both benchmarked identically.

    The GTX 480 should theoretically perform better. As would the GTX 580. Honestly though, the performance you have is pretty darn good as it is. :)
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