Dont know what fan connection type i have

im looking to buy a nzxt phantom.
but my only problem is i dont know what the fan connections are. i dont these things but i think it called a 3 pin.
if it is a 3 pin were does it connect. i have only worked with molex. it may not be 3 pin but there are video reviews on youtube that show.
please help thanks.
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  1. Hi.

    If it's 3 pin, you can connect it to the mobo ot use a 3-pin to molex connector like this:
  2. hi thanks 4 reply
    do i get
    molex to 3 pin male
  3. also is there other connections besides molex and 3 pin
  4. thanks mate
    great help
    just 1 quick question
    are there only 2 types of fan connections
  5. Exist another 4-pin that is for PWM, but works in the same way and you can find the same adapters to molex.
  6. once again
    thanks for your help
    i shall order the case
  7. The manual on the website indicates that several fans are included, PLUS a fan controller panel on the case top exterior. Apparently you are supposed to plug all the fans included into that controller module. That gives you manual control of each of the 5 fans.

    Many systems plug the fans into ports on the mobo and allow the mobo to power and control the fans, BUT most mobos have no more than two such ports for case fans. So that way it's almost impossible to run 5 fans off the mobo. The common solution for people with that setup but many fans is to power some of them from 4-pin Molex connectors via adapters like the one Saint19 showed. (It converts one Molex female into one 3-pin male that mates with the common 3-pin female fan connector.) But your case comes with a better solution - one central fan controller panel for all 5 fans, so you don't use any mobo fan connectors and do not need adapters from Molex, either.

    Providing power to a fan from a Molex connector provides no control of its speed - you only get full +12 VDC plus Ground. You can buy and install fan speed controllers of your own if you want. But the common way is to use the current 3-pin fans plugged into a mobo port. For those fan types there are three wires from fan motor to mobo - Black for Ground, Red for (variable) 12 VDC, and Yellow for speed signal. The yellow wire just takes a pulse signal (2 pulses per fan motor revolution) back to the mobo so it can measure the fan speed and show it to you (it also can monitor for a failed fan that is not turning). For most such ports on the mobo, the voltage output on the red wire is varied by the mobo itself. The mobo has its own temperature sensor and uses it to determine what speed to run the case fan(s) to keep the measured temperature under control.

    In your case these 3-pin fans will NOT be connected to the mobo, so the fan speeds are going to be controlled by you manually. From what I see in the manual there does not appear to be any way for each fan's speed signal to be monitored, so you may not be able to see fan speeds. In fact, it is possible (since fan speeds cannot be checked) that your fans won't have the yellow speed output wire on them, anyway.

    For your information, the new 4-pin fans are a little different, although this is not related to what you probably will receive. A 4-pin fan has 4 wires to it from the mobo - Ground, +12VDC (always at this voltage), fan speed signal return, and PCM signal. Inside the fan there is a small controller that uses the PCM signal to control how much of the +12 VDC supply is actually fed to the motor, and that is how its speed is controlled.

    NOTE that the cooling fan for your CPU probably does NOT get connected to your fan controller. I expect you are supposed to connect it to the dedicated CPU_FAN port on the mobo. It is important for the mobo to be able to monitor the CPU fan, and it also will control that fan's speed according to a dedicated temp sensor built into the CPU case. These days that CPU_FAN port often is a 4-pin output, but you can plug into it either a 3-pin or a 4-pin fan. However, some mobos cannot exercise control of a 3-pin fan on a 4-pin port - they just run that fan full speed all the time. So if you mobo has a 4-pin CPU_FAN port, get a 4-pin fan for your CPU.
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