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I own a dell studio xps 435mt (specs below).I wish to upgrade the stocck graphic card and realise that the stock PSU is quite weak. I am interested in purchasing the Gigabyte HD 6870 ATI - AMD Radeon Graphics Card - 1GB ( http://www.scan.co.uk/products/1gb-palit-gtx-460-sonic-3600mhz-gddr5-gpu-700mhz-shader-1400mhz-336cores-dvi-d-sub-hdmi), other reviews suggested the (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/227181) Palit SONIC nVIDIA GTX 460 Geforce 1GB. Please could you advise me on which card to use, doesn't have to be the one stated above. My budget for the graphic card would be no more than £200 (that's around a little more than $350), the psu would be within £100 (around US$150). A graphic card with HDMI output would be preferable
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  1. I can not see your specs. The radeon hd6870 is better plus people say that the palit gtx 460s are loud and they break easily and are hot. Go for the 6870. Go for a corsiar power supply.
  2. Dell 435mt's stock power supply has only one 6-pin cord. HD6870 requires two 6-pin power connections. I ended up buying HD6850. It has been working great! My HD6850 replaces the old 8800GT, and uses about the same amount of power. I was worrying about the two-slot card being too close to the case floor, but it turns out to be fine. The HD6850 doubles the performance of my old 8800GT.
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