Video Card/Motherboard Problem Help!

Ok so this is what happened to me recently. Friend gave me a computer and here are the specs:

Dell XPS Studio 435MT 1.1.1 Motherboard
Intel Core i7 920 2.8 ghz quad core
6gb ddr3 1066mhz
radeon 3600 series 256mb ddr2 (changed from my old msi hawk r5770 1gb ddr5, too big for case)
MK Black Series 750 Watt PSU (changes yesterday from 360 Watt stock garbage)
16x dvd burner
Dell 1.1.4 Bios American Megatrends AMI

So the problem started when I was playing EQ2 on the old power supply, I didn't know it was that crappy and low, and the computer restarted and wouldn't come back on. I then checked into it more and saw the power supply was real low so I changed it and didn't go back on it until the next day when I took it apart and bought the new 750 watt power supply. Put it back together and took out my msi hawk r5770 1gb gddr5 video card cause it was big for this smaller dell case barely any room under it for ventilation. I put in an older radeon 3600 series card for now, since it was small. So now it seems if I play a game on here it works for a bit or just turns off right away, it gets really hot the video card. If I watch movies or play games it gets hot. So what should I do? Is it the motherboard or the video card? Should I get a new video card? If I get a new video card and it seems to get hot real fast then it's the motherboard? Help! Thanks
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  1. Right now, for instance, the computer is running smooth just on the message boards and everything but the video card gets hotter and hotter and I don't know if it's gonna turn restart my computer and what not. What should I i do? The computer runs fast and everything is working well too right now with the CPU, and everything...
  2. Change the case.. Get something with more room and better airflow..
  3. hmm yeahh that's the best solution... probably and get a new video card..but for now I don't have the cash to run out and get a new case and a new video card. The case is open with a room fan blowing in it for better ventilation and everything, been working fine atleast until I get a new video card. When I get a new video card I will probably keep the case open since it is a pretty small case and to better circulate. How does this sound?

    Right now my video card is idling at 45-47 degrees C while watching a blu ray .mkv on my computer.... If the activity goes up to like 50% or higher it goes above 50 degrees C.
  4. You went from a 5770 to a 3600 series card.. That should be motivation enough for you to get a new case.. Check out the Antec 300 which retails around for about 50$.. You will not have any space or temperature concerns using it..
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