MacBook Pro 8Gb ram upgrade frequency?

Hi, I have the 2010 MacBook Pro 15", 2.53Ghz (i5) with 4Gb of DDR3 @ 1067Mhz.

I would like to upgrade to 8Gb, but I would also like to get the max frequency so it preforms better.

What is the max frequency of ram my Macbook Pro can support?
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  1. From the apple specs, the 15" has 1066 memory while the 17" has 1333mhz memory, but I doubt there are any significant technical difference between the two models and think that it's just a gimmick to try justify their ridiculous profit margins.

    Either way, 1066 memory is not significantly cheaper than 1333 one, and if it doesn't support 1333 it'll just run at 1066 by default, it won't hurt anything if you put 1333mhz sticks in it.
  2. Well thats what I'm curious of, I want to know how much my macbook will access before it bottlenecks down...if that makes any sense?
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    I think they do not go over 1333 mhz ( or else apple would sell an expensiver model with 1600 memory too), the real-world performance difference between 1333 and 1600 is subtle, tighter latency is what you should look for if you want more noticeable improvements i.e a 1333 CAS 6 or 7 kit.

    You could also get 1600+ kit and try it, worst case scenario is that it won't boot until you set it back to 1333 or lower.
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