Ps shuts off while playing games

Hello, I recently biuld my computer and I have installed the games FEAR 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Crysis. While playing these games after about 10-15 min sometimes 2mins my pc shuts off I have to sometimes take the plug out and reconnect it then the system will restart my temps seem fine. I really need some help guys I changed the cpu fan and I have 4 fans runing in the tower and it seems to not work please help.

Cpu. amd x6 1075t
Mother. GA-785gm-us2h
Graphics.EVGA gforce 460 1igb sc
power. Diablotek 750w
memory 8gb supertalent2
hd 2 Hitachi 1TB & western D 500gb
Cdrom.Nero light scribe 24x
tower NZXT mid tower
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  1. aftermarket cooler? cause you didnt mention it and honestly you dont want to run hex core on a stock crappy cooler
  2. Or the PSU. If your system shuts down only while gaming, that's typical of power problems. Diablotek's tend to be crappy PSU's.

    Or perhaps you have driver problems.
  3. ^+1 agreed that's where i would focus.
    Diablowtek psu and/or gpu drivers.
  4. ^+1 to jsc. If you do not have a reliable power supply, it might be the big cause of failures you are noticing now especially for a high end system.
  5. +1 to all who say the PSU. You could run Prime 95 to check stressing the CPU doesn't cause it to overheat to be a bit more sure
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