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Is E4500 OCd @2.93 equal to E7500?

This is older tech but I am trying to get an idea as far as benches go

I have an E4500 stock 2.2 800fsb 2mb L2
I have OCd it to 2.93ghz 1066fsb
Looking at other C2Ds
it looks like the E7500 2.93 1066 fsb 3mb L2
would be the closest equilavent to my cpu
is that right?
also there is a X6800 at 2.93 1066mhz 4mb L2
i would think that since I have less L2 cache (2mb) that my
cpu would just be a tiny bit slower than E7500
and a notch behing a stock X6800

any advice is appreciated
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    They would be the same except that E7500 has a new instruction set that enhances multimedia encoding and that the architecture is indeed the same..But only E7500 has managed to decrease the manufacturing size to 45nm.I really think they would go head to head in most applications.
    The performance as you mentioned could solely be based on cache alone.
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  3. Thank you for that answer
    I was thinking the same thing
    I figured if I was looking at benches on the web
    I would look at the E7500 and figure i was very close to that
    Not too bad for a $150 usd piece of sh*t Dell LOL
  4. I sent you a PM - zulfadhli
  5. I have an E4500 in my old HP box. Is there any way to OC it? I was under the impression that HP severely limits their BIOS's....
  6. no way in BIOS in OEM machines (except some Dell XPSs)
    there is the bsel pin mod
    shown here
    this is what I did with my Dell Optiplex 745
    by connecting two pads on cpu
    you jump the FSB from 800 to 1066
    so I went from a 2.2 800mhz E4500 to a 2.93 1066mhz E4500
    you need a circuit writing pen (available in electronics stores like RadioSHack or order online-about $10 USD)
    make sure you let the conductive ink dry (about two hours is being safe)

    I have done this twice so far
    My tower is on 24/7
    right with the E4500 OCd in my Dell
    I am at 20c ambient with about 30c idle and 58c load

    your motherboard in HP must support a 1066mhz FSB
    make sure that you are very neat with ink trace on cpu
    it takes a few tries with the pen to get it just right

    but now I have a @50 USD E4500 running like a E7500

    very stable
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