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I have a new system with these specs: Intel Core i7 960 3.2 | eVGA Classified 3 | Corsair Obsidian 800D | Corsair 1000HX 1000W PSU
2 x eVGA GeForce GTX 480 in SLI | 6 x 4GB Corsair Dominator RAM | 2 x LG 27" HD TV Monitor
Crucial 256GB SSD | Western Digital 600GB 10K RPM HD | Creative X-FI Fatal1ty Pro Sound Card

When I try to use both monitors at the same time, it works for a moment, and then the second monitor stops working, goes into standby mode. I was wondering if anyone might know what my problem is? I have tried plugging both monitors in the same graphics card, and one monitor in each graphics card, but always the same result, shows extended desktop for up to a minute, then the second monitor goes into standby mode.
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  1. In control panel/power options/change plan settings, is the turn off display setting like 1 minute?
  2. I have them set to Never turn off
  3. I have given up on attempting to run 2 monitors, can't get the second one to run for over a minute, even though the monitors are set to never turn off under power settings
  4. This may be a dumb question, but is it the same time every time? You said it lasts like a minute, so I very much doubt this is the issue, but I have to ask anyway...

    It's not prompting you to save the changes or anything, like with the 15 second count down before it reverts back to the old settings??
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