Which Computer should i get?

Manufacturer: Raidmax
Drive: DVD Writer
Hard Drive: 640 GB, WD Black
Chipset: AMD 890 + SB850
Memory: 4 GB 1600 MHz
Video: ATI HD6850 1GB
Operating System: None
Processor: AMD Phenom X4 965 II
Tower Case: Raidmax Tornado blue (or red)
Power Source: Manual TRUE 550W 12 CM, Total 50 A on 12V
Motherboard: Jet Way Hummer Studio HA09 AMD890
Processor: AMD Phenom X4 II 965, 3.4 GHz 8 MB
RAM: STT 4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz (Up to 16GB)
Video: ATI HD6850 1 GB DDR5 Sapphire
Hard Drive: 640 GB WD BLACK, SATA3, 7200, 64 MB
DVD ± Writer: 22X DVD ± Dual Layer Drive
Audio: Realtek 8-channel High Definition
LAN: 1 Gbit LAN


Manufacturer: Intel
Drive: DVD Writer
Hard Drive: 1 TB SATA3 6 Gb / s
Chipset: Intel X58
Memory: 6 GB 1333 MHz
Video: nVidia GTX 460 1 GB
Operating System: None
Processor: Intel i7-950
Tower Case: Antec Dark Fleet DF-35
Power Source: Manual TRUE 550W 12 CM, Total 50 A on 12V
Motherboard: Gigabyte Powerful X58A-UD3R USB3/SATA3
Processor: Intel Quad Core, i7-950, 2.8 GHz, 8 MB
RAM: Kingston 6 GB DDR3 1333 MHz (3x2G)
Video: nVidia GTX 460 Gigabyte 1 GB, OC!
Hard Drive: 1 TB WD Black SATA3 64 MB, 6 Gb / s
DVD ± Writer: 22X DVD ± Dual Layer Drive
Audio: Realtek 8-channel High Definition
LAN: 1 Gbit LAN

I want a Computer which can play Crysis on high or higher with no lag(then i know that all other games will be ale to play on high)
A good computer for editing(Photoshop, Cinema 4D etc.)
And which one is more lets say Hi-Tech....
I am making the move over to PC... so which one should i get...

BTW the first costs 1300$ the second costs 1700$.
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  1. There is no reason for those systems to cost that much. I would get a i7 2600 build, its cheaper and more powerful, and isnt obsolete (like the systems you listed).

    You would do much better building the system yourself.

    I also dont know anything about that PSU manufacturer. I can't say if they are good or not.
  2. They are only that expensive cause i live in Iceland :P
  3. But which one would you choose cause they both have the same PSU..
  4. number 2!!
  5. Well graphically the 1st one is better by a little bit. Generally the 6850 beats out the 460. As for CPU though, the top one loses out to the #2 PC. However the 2nd PC is not justifiable at such a high cost especially since SB is out. I have a 955 personally and it runs fine. I think getting the 965 (so the 1st build) is pretty good idea. I use PS5 too and it runs smoothly and the 6850 would be able to have great crossfire performance in the future.

    Are you building these builds yourself or are you buying them?
  6. Im buying them.
  7. I am just having a hard time choosing because isn't the 2nd one with a more future proof motherboard?
    And the GTX 460 is actually overclocked so....

    BTW if i do buy the 2nd should i invest in getting a better Graphics card or CPU?
  8. Better GPU = better performance in games rather than CPU. CPU would be a better decision if your going to use things like CAD or whatever. Video editing. blah blah.

    The 460 is "OC'd" Factory overclock is a load of bull crap. Just do it yourself you'll save yourself at least 20$ US. And you should looking into building them yourself, you'll save yourself a lot of money.
  9. I would be saving a lot of money in the US but here i would probably triple the price of making my computer myself....Which is total BS.
  10. BTW is the Intel i5 better than the i7?
    What is the difference? cause im thinking of getting i7 2600k or i5 2600(Later on)
    And what is SLI is that just connecting 2 Graphics Cards together like i buy another exact same GIGABYTE GTX 460 and connect it some how or...?
  11. I'm pretty sure the i7 series are designed to be better than the i5's, not sure how it figures on an old i5 versus a sandy bridge effort though,
    and yes, Sli is linking two or more graphics cards together using a bridge to connect them,
    but then your psu has to be powerful enough to handle both cards.
  12. Thanks a lot ;) But i know this question is like asking Pepsi or Coke but i have been watching ALOT of benchmarks for Graphics Cards and i would like your guys opinion....
    Would it be smarter for me to buy another GTX 460(so i can add the two together) ot
    Or buy to new Graphics Cards?
    BTW which is better for FPS:
    Sapphire ATI Radeon HD6950 or EVGA nVidia GeForce GTX480 1536MB DDR5
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