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1920X1200->1080P Conversion(black lines)

I have a 1920X1200 monitor at the moment, and am considering purchasing two 1080p monitors to use in Eyefinity with it.
Unfortunately, that means that I will need to turn its resolution down to 1080p, and I cannot seem to find a method to do so without scaling. I want a 1:1 ratio with black bars on the top and/or bottom.
Is there any way to do this with an ATI card (5850)?

The closest I found to an answer was
Nvidia drivers definitely allow you to run a 1920x1200 monitor at 1920x1080, in 1:1 native pixel mapping, with black bars on the top and bottom. I would expect ATI drivers to also allow that, but I'm not sure.
, but it does not help with ATI.

...and no, don't suggest that I just buy two more 1920X1200 monitors. I would love to, but when I can get a 1080p monitor for $150 or less and the cheapest 1920X1200's are approaching $300, that really isn't an option.

Thanks for your help
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    Well, easiest is if your monitor has the scaling functions built in, if not go into desktop and displays in the CCC and then at the bottom monitor click the down arrow and select configure, then adjust the scaling there.

    Sorry, no idea of an easier way to access the settings than that. ATI hid them in the last redesign.
  2. It is rather simple.

    1. Go into CCC.
    2. Look for "Digital Panel (DVI)" and click. There will be one for each LCD monitor connected.
    3. In the "Attributes" sub-settings, select "Maintain Aspect Ratio".
    4. Then check off "Enable GPU scaling".
    5. Click 'Apply'
    6. Go into the "Displays Manager" settings and set Desktop Area to 1920 x 1080.
    7. Click 'Apply'

  3. My steps are for Catalyst 9.2 in Windows XP. (Damn, it's been awhile since I last updated. I better do so now.)

    I assume the steps in Vista and Win 7 are similar.


    EDIT: Catalyst 10.11 is now installed and the steps are the same. :)
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