PSU broken? PC shutting down randomly :(

So my setup has worked fine for 2 years now. Intel Q9550, Corsair 4G ram, ASUS motherbard and a Corsair 700 Watt PSU. Now for some days ago, suddenly my PC shut down while I was surfing the net. Like someone took the cord out of it. No warning, no "freeze/lag", no blue screen, no restart, it just shut down , boom... like someone took the cord out of it.
It happens several times duing the day, like twice a hour. I can turn on the PC right after it had shut down. I have scanned for viruses, restored Windows to an earlier date, reset BIOS, cleaned the case, checked temps and so on. EVERYTHING seems fine. Temps are fine... The wierd thing is that it shut downs UNDEPENDTLY on load. I mean i have run a prime 95-stress-test for 1 hour without ANY problems, then I can go and write a Word-document and it can suddenly shut down.

I have tried changeing plug, cable... no help.

I really need some help on this.

What is broken?

The cpu
or the PSU?

I'm guessing the PSU, but it's just pissing me off, because its a Cosair 700 watt, its only 2 years old, I've heard some many good things about Corsair, that's it quality etc..

Oh, the reason I think it's the PSU:

12 volt rail is on 11,2-11,4 . And I remember when I first booted my PC for 2 years ago, the 12 volt rail was on 11,9-12,1. So I really think it's the PSU thats broken. Both BIOS and Everest Ultimate have I checked with.

So, the PSU or the Motherboard? both are 2 years old.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. please someone.. im going to buy a psu tommorow if someone can confirm its the psu..
  2. The voltages on the 12v rails are rather low, even with 2 years of wear. But usually those shutdowns do mean the PSU. If you have another PSU I would test that before buying a new one. If your Corsair is under warranty I would just RMA it.
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