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Hey Guys...

I have an old Dell that I use from time to time. It is a Dimension E310 with integrated graphics. I recently plugged it up to my HP 2009m monitor (20 inch LCD 1600x900 native) via VGA.

The problem is the native resolution (1600x900) does not show. The highest it can display is 1280x768. Now it looks like the machine shipped with a unique Dell driver on the chipset.

Since this didn't work, I installed the latest Intel driver. The chipset is an Intel 82915G/GV/910GL.

I felt like I have tried everything. I tried to display all resolutions even if they were not supported by monitor, installed the actual monitor .INF without using PnP, tried the latest Dell driver, and even contacted Intel directly. They stated that they didnt support that chipset anymore and told me that I needed to refer to the website. :pfff:

I think it might be an issue related to a EDID read problem. Intel has released a 945 chipset specific driver to address this issue. Could I try this driver on my 915?

Any ideas? I am totally out of ideas, and any input would be appreciated. I am beginning to think that I am just out of luck.
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  1. You probably need to find drivers for your monitor. If the GPU doesn't correctly identify the monitor, it will not always give you all it's resolutions.
  2. I have already tried that. HP's website had a driver for the 2009m, and I installed it. I even tried an older version of the monitor driver with no luck.
  3. I don't know, I'm not familiar with Integrated GPU's, nor the Intel drivers.
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