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Ok so i think i've finally found a Decent Gaming Computer Setup. So i wan't to ask now if this sounds like a Awesome Setup or is there a Place where i can save a Little money to get more graphics, or any other opinions before i purchase in a week or two. I mostly Play WoW, ScII, Morrowind, Eq2, Wanting to play Diablo 3 when it comes out and maybe some Fallout.

CPU: i5-2500 $210
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4 $190
RAM: Corsair XMS3 2x2 GB DDR3 1600 mhz CAS Latency 9 $40 after rebate
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB $55 with promo code
GPU: GTX 580
PSU: XFX 750W $100 after rebate
Case: HAF 922 $90 with promo code. Other good options: Rosewill Challenger, HAF 912, Antec 300 Illusion, Coolermaster 690, Antec 900, or anything from Lian Li.
Optical: Cheapest SATA DVD burner you can find. Under $20.
OS: Windows 7 Home 64-bit OEM $100
Monitor: Asus 23.6" 1920x1080 $170 after rebate
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  1. there was a review/comparison of P67 mbs, Asus vs. GB; I beleive Asus was chosen, and at a lesser price to boot.
  2. There are a couple ways to save money here and make this a better setup (prices quoted from newegg unless otherwise stated)

    CPU: go with the K series due to overclocking abilities i5 2500K ($225)
    Mobo: The Asrock p67 extreme4 is a cheaper equally performing board, Asrock is a division of Asustek and they have good quality and budget combination this latest offering is very good ($153)
    RAM: good choice ($40 AR)
    HDD: good choice ($55 AP)
    GPU: the EVGA has a better warranty ($500)
    PSU: if planning to do SLI later you're gonna need a beefier PSU the xfx 850w should do ($110 AR)
    Case: good choice, what promo code though? I own this case very good for the price ($90 after promo I can't find)
    Optical: this asus ($17) I wouldn't want to cheap too much on this as you will most likely carry this on for your next upgrade
    OS: if you can get someone with a .edu email and enrolled in college to buy Windows 7 Pro for you you can get it for ($65) (upgrade version can be installed as full just google it)
    Monitor: A gtx 580 will kill everything at 1920 x 1080 I recommend going in for a 27'' U2711 (2560x1440) instead this is a pricey component so you might need to save a bit to buy it, purchase from ebay (seller has 100% feedback as well as warranty included from manufacturer, you won't get cheated) (if you're unable to afford this monitor right now since it's $880 dollars then buy this place holder and later sell it and purchase the ultrasharp ($880)

    Any more questions, clarification, please ask :D
  3. Total: $2135 w/high end monitor $1405 w/cheapo

    You could also go with the acer and after 120Hz monitors become reasonable then purchase that, I would probably go this route myself
  4. I agree with many of joelmartinez's recommendations:
    I love Gigabytes, but for now either the cheaper Asrock p67 extreme4 or more "refined" Asus P8P67 Pro
    For the games you mentioned and the resolution of your monitor, that GTX 580 probably overkill, either wait for the GTX 560 due soon, get a GTX 460 1GB (~210$) or an HD6950 (~300$). You could always add a 2nd one later if you get a higher resolution monitor or games start getting more demanding. I think a good 750W PSU would support any of those in dual card setup).
    For the monitor, if you don't mind sacrificing some of the size (resolution stays the same), the Ultrasharp U2211H is only 200$ on Dell and shipping is free.
  5. Agreed with Zenthar on all points. Particularly about the GTX 580 being overkill. And yes, if you get a decent 750W PSU, that will be plenty.

    For the RAM you could save a smidge going to DDR 1333 (since SB overclocking is independent of RAM speed). Or go for 8GB of 1333 for more performance and not too much more $ than 4GB of 1600. (Although you won't need 8GB for games, you should notice much more of a difference in everyday use than the diff between 1333 and 1600.)
  6. @chnathan Okay I already stated the GTX 580 is overkill, and so did zenthar no need to reinforce, and a quality 750w PSU won't be enough for a dual 580 rig the 850w should be able to handle it depending on how often the computer is used and how much load it's used at

    also I challenge you to find a better deal of 1333 RAM 4gb 2x2gb that is cheaper by $5 and is compatible

    DISCLAIMER*I'm not trying to start a fight and this post is not a flame nor should it be received as one or a flame be received because of this post*DISCLAIMER
  7. Lol.. ok, I won't take it as a flame. I don't see any harm in throwing in my agreement on the graphics card though, along with my other points where I did mention other RAM possibilities.

    That said, you're right - I didn't see the MIR on that 1600 RAM the first time. That is a good deal. I wouldn't pay a premium for 1600MHz, but since it's the same price, obviously a good choice.

    Edit: A _good_ 750W PSU (ie one that provides 62A or so on a single 12V rail) will handle a dual 580 SLI rig fine. (See here for evidence: Or take my word as a former power electronics engineer. :) ) That said, there's nothing wrong with getting an 850W for a bit of added margin. It will probably get you a bit higher efficiency since PSUs tend to peak around 50%. It's also a good idea if you're going to have a lot of drives or other peripherals drawing power. How often the computer is used makes no difference. It's all about peak capacity.
  8. for PSU did you add capacitor aging? It's important to have that for your PSU to last longer and yes it does matter how much the computer is used a computer on 24/7 high load is gonna degrade the PSU faster than one on for 1/6 of the day high load. It's all about peak for wattage but remember that capacitors age
  9. Ahh I see what you mean about how often it's used. I thought you were talking about overheating if used too much if something. :S Yes, if you use the comp 24/7 the lower wattage PSU won't last as long.

    I originally added 10% capacitor aging, since I was talking about a quality supply with at least 105 degree caps. It should take a long time for those to degrade with average usage. And quality PSUs will have some margin in their ripple current handling, so it's not like the wattage capacity is going to immediately degrade proportionally to loss of capacitance. Finally, I first recommended 750W we were talking about downgrading from the 580s.

    I still think a good 750 would be _sufficient_ for an average GTX 580 SLI system, but you're right that if the machine's going to be on and working near 24/7, it is possible - if unlikely - that the PSU would die after a few years.

    See here for example cap aging specs. When the computer's on but just sitting at the desktop the PSU won't be far above room temperature, so the caps are basically going to last forever. Even at load I wouldn't expect ambient for the caps to be much higher than 55 degrees, so you've got around 30,000 hours of actual usage times before you get to 25% degredation.

    TL;DR - sorry for derailing the thread. Get the 850W if you're going to run two high-power cards in SLI and want it to last forever. Get the 750W if you won't run the top of the line cards, and/or won't use your comp more than a few hours a day, unless the prices are close.
  10. ^I agree, the ea750 should be able to power this system but I would feel a bit safer with the xfx I recommended earlier, If you're like an obsessive gamer 12 hrs. a day or more on 95% load then get the xfx otherwise the ea750 should do:
  11. On weekdays i would be playing roughly around 5hrs, weekends maybe more depending on if the kids let me lol. But for the moment i will be using my tv as a monitor till i can purchase a really nice one.
  12. go with the ea750
  13. joelmartinez said:
    go with the ea750

    Althooough... :) how much was the XFX 850 when you recommended it? It's got a great sale+MIR going right now, bringing it to $110, compared to $80 for the EA750 (also on sale). Even if the added power isn't necessary, the higher efficiency, better voltage regulation, and single 12V rail are all nice.

    (I'm honestly not just trying to be argumentative. :) My point before was just that 750W was enough. I would be inclined to recommend the 750W XFX Black at $105 over the $80 Antec Earthwatts. However, since the XFX 850 is on sale for only $5 more, it looks like maybe the better value.)

    OP: If you care about having a 'better' PSU, which will draw _slightly_ less power from the wall, _may_ remain cooler and quieter, and _may_ last longer and/or cause other components to last longer, get the 850W XFX Black for $110. If you'd rather save $30 bucks than worry about differences you aren't likely to notice, get the EA750 for $80. :) (I personally would get the better one because I'm a power electronics nerd, but your priorities may differ!)
  14. chnathan you're hurting my head... OP go with whatever you want
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