Asus P8Z68-V LX long load time

Just got a new computer with this motherboard, all been going fine but now when I start the computer I get the Asus screen for a solid 2 minutes before it eventually POSTs and then windows loads.

Tried a system restore to before installing some windows updates but no difference.
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  1. I doubt Windows updates would have any effect since this happens in the BIOS before Windows even starts. Do you have the latest BIOS version for your motherboard?
  2. Yes, is it worth flashing the BIOS maybe?
  3. By complete luck I decided to install Asus AISuite 2 before shutting down the PC as I noticed I hadn't already done so.

    Now the problem is gone. No idea what the story was there but it's sorted at least.
  4. Asus P67 and Z68 boards are notorious for long POST times, as there's a ton of messages from all your controllers (Marvell storage, etc.) - disable all these messages in the BIOS and disable the controllers you don't use (e.g. 1394). Flash the BIOS to the latest, too, can't hurt.
  5. I've disabled the LAN but I can't see much else to disable other than USB ports.

    BIOS is already the latest.

    I only ever use the USB ports, what am I likely to be missing that's obvious?
  6. SATA controllers.
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