My graphics card is a hottie (literally).

I have an Asus G73JH (RBBX05) equipped with a oh so smokin' hot HD mobility Radeon 5870 Graphics card. It has served me well until a small error turned into a big one and forced me to wipe my hard drive, but that is a different story, for I have since then totally reset my beautiful behemoth to it's factory settings. ANYHOW! My current issue is that my GPU has been overheating recently. This has only been happened after I reset my computer's hard drive. A coincidence? Mehbeh, but my laptop nonetheless is reaching rediculous amounts of heat and is crashing. I am currently running the default factory BIOS and drivers for my card, and just blew a little bit on the fans to get the dust out. (there was a considerable amount from 6 months of contiuous use.) I turned my graphics on the card settings down to default and it was fine for a couple of days and then it started crashing again. Take a look at the pics of the core temps I took.

Anything I left out I would gladly answer! And I will gladly appreciate all suggestions! :D

EDIT: Just vacumned the fans.
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    Just be careful with flashing BIOS, make sure you backup all the data or so...
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