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I have an ASUS M70VM with a 9600M GS
Can a Dell/Alienware GTX260M fit in my ASUS notebook? If not are there any mobile videocards that I can upgrade to? Nvidia or ATI?
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  1. those graphics cards are generally integrated arent they? if you want to upgrade the video card you will probably have to contact asus and ask them what they have available to sell you. maybe things have changed though, i would just contact asus with your model # and ask them what video card upgrades are available for that specific model.
  2. Ya this one is not integrated. I had it out in my hand already. And about contacting Asus. I tried that too. We have next to 0 chance of getting someone on the phone who has any knowledge of any component used in their systems. The people on the phone are mostly for software problems. In my case anyway thats all I could get out of the guy. Even with my vista serial not working when I try to install windows fresh from a vista dvd instead of a backup dvd. It wouldn't work and he couldn't tell me why. This is why I am asking here on Tomshardware forum. IMHO I think there is more knowledge here.
  3. Unfortunately you can't change the graphic cards.Only few laptops(such as some Sager/AW models) allow users to upgrade the VGA.
  4. Please explain what is stopping me from upgrading.
    I am not convinced without evidence. I have had mine in my hand, I see them for sale on ebay. They seem to be similar in shape. My only worry is if the heatsink has contact with the GPU and ram on the card.
  5. 9600MGS is MXM II;whereas,GTX 260M is MXM III but that's not the only reason
    Laptop GPUs are completely different compared to desktop models(in terms of upgrading), so in most laptops you are limited with what you have.
  6. Ok, did some research and now I understand what you are saying. There is a 9650GT MXM II but its not worth paying the $$ for just a little difference in performance. I would rather put those $$ towards a newer laptop with the GTX260 in it. Can still get a nice $ for this laptop to put towards the newer one as well.

    Thanx for the info Maziar. I didn't realise this thing has such old tech since it isnt even 2 yrs old. Video card slot is at least 2 gen older than whats out now.
  7. Yes,that's the problem with notebooks,their upgrade path is limited and therefore, after few years you have to buy a new notebook instead of upgrading its parts.
  8. On the notebook review site it stated that some notebooks may have a MXM III slot but be released with a MXM II videocard. Am I reading that info correctly?
  9. Can you post the link ?
  10. Sorry, MXM-upgrade site

    in the first paragraph it says:
    As an example, the Alienware m5550 can be purchased with a Type II x1400 MXM board in it but the motherboard is identical to the m5750 and can be equiped with a Type III card even though no such notebook has ever been released by Alienware..

    If this is the case I may still have a chance. I just have to find out what mobo I have.
  11. Like I said AW laptops are different,some AW/Sager models allow VGA upgrading;whereas, almost none other notebooks allow it.You can also ask ASUS to be sure.
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