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After I got my new rig built I tried installing the CCC with absolutely no luck.... I couldn't even get it to install and was getting BSOD's all over the place so I gave up on the software and just manually installed the driver.... other than losing some of my screen (which is kind of irritating me) it seems to be working fine .... Am I missing out on any performance or features by not using that CCC, or is there any other option to make sure my drivers are the most current and I'm getting the most out of my card??

AMD phenom II 955 Black edition
Asus Radeon HD 6850
G.Skill ripjaws 1600 8 gigs
Antec Earthwatt 750 PSU
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  1. Sure your missing features, but you've got deeper problems.

    After you built your rig, how did the stress tests go?

    What BIOS changes have you made since the build?
  2. I should have been more specific in my post..... The BSOD's only occured after I attempted to install other software when I couldn't get the CCC to work..... I'm not sure what that program did but I installed another program that I think was giving me the problems ... it was the "asus smart doctor" and I'm not sure what that thing did but it seemed like it added another program, like an "EIO.sys" or something that from what i've read can jack your machine up, I did a system restore and got it back to normal but I don't know how else to get the CCC to work, or any other software?
  3. sorry forgot to answer you question : / ..... I haven't ran any stress tests (nothing is OC'd) ..... and I haven't made any changes to the bios
  4. OK, we need to uninstall all of the Asus utilities for the moment to ensure they are not modifying BIOS, or interfering somehow with CCC.

    Then uninstall CCC (if it exists in some form) using Control Panel/Programs & Features. If the "ATI Catalyst Install Manager" is there, use it to remove all drivers.

    Use Device Manager to uninstall the drivers for your vid card (if not deleted above).

    Reboot, and if possible do not let Windows install any drivers for the vid card.

    DL/install a fresh copy of the latest CCC package.

    Let us know what happens.

    [Hopefully it won;t be necessary to clear CMOS and reload BIOS defaults, or run the stress tests you should have already run.]
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