Random Reboots??

Here's problem guy's, getting really sick of this!
I was running the new config for about 2 weeks now and sudently i'm getting random reboots when running games, and only happens after a long period of time playing. No BSOD, no driver crash, it just turns off then back on. The thing that comes to mind is PSU, but what really bothers me is that it only happens in The witcher. Been playing crysis 2 last week with no problems, but this weekend i decided to replay the witcher and that's the second time while playing i get a reboot. But has i said it's only sometimes. Temps on cpu and gpu are normal. Already ran memtest with no errors. Could it be my PSu starting to fail on me? this PSU was on my old 775 system for about 4 years, before the MOBO suddenly burned, and i never found the cause. Could it have been the PSU all the time? and why now after 2 freeking weeks??
Thanks in advance guys any help i surely appreciated.

My specs
Asus p8p67 PRO
Core i5 2500k
4GB Gskill DDR3 1600mhz CL9
Asus ENGTX 460 TOP
Thermaltake Toughpower 750W
Sound Blaster X-FI Fatality Pro
1 Seagate SATA II 500gb
1 Western Digital Sata II Green 500GB
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Do you have overclocked your components?
  2. Hi and thx's for the welcome!
    No i'm running at stock speeds. everything on the bios is set to auto, like default
  3. If its just that one game that is giving you a hard time, try reinstalling it and hitting the forums that cater to that game to see if anyone else is getting the same deal. Also a reinstall of vid card drivers might do the trick as well.

    Another thing you can do is go into the windows control panel > Administrative tools > Event viewer. And see if theres anything that fails at the same time the computer restarts or any other anomalies.
  4. It could be your PSU. That's what I'd typically go with, but yours isn't a bad one--just not the best. Try switching that PSU into another computer and put it under load and see if it restarts.

    What graphics do you have connected to it? Do you have a Kill-A-Watt so you can check total power draw? That's really about a 700W PSU, 715 max (same as an OCZ StealthXStream 2 600W that shuts down at 712W draw). That's if it's the 4x 18A +12V rail model I can find info on.

    There's a possibility that you overload one of your 4 +12V rails and it shuts down. Try checking which rails you have loaded--which rail is which should be in your PSU documentation. Reconfiguring your wires might fix the problem.
  5. I'm afraid that when it cames to psu's i'm a big noob! The psu is modulated. There is a sticker on the back of the psu witch indicates the rails. I have all the wires on the correct rails acording to the stick, but i'm gonna recheck tomorrow just to be sure. There's 2 for pcie, 2 for sata, 2 for those molex cables (dunno the correct voltage of those), and one for the 8pin 12v CPU. The vga is consuming 2 12v 6pin pci express conectors. How can i see if i'm overloading a 4 +12v rail?
  6. Look at your sticker. There are four +12V rails, each rated for 18A. In your manual (or maybe on the back where the plugs are), it shows which rail each connector is on.

    The CPU & mobo probably use up rail 1 and the other connections probably cannot attach to rail 1. You'll have to double check that. There's a chance mobo is rail 1 and CPU is rail 2.

    There's a possibility you have both PCI-e connectors running off of rail 3 or something like that. If your graphics card draws more than 18A from that single rail, it may auto shutdown--which could be the case during heavy loads in The Witcher. So instead you'd want one connector from rail 3 and one from rail 4. Again, you'd want to check your manual.

    I don't know everything about power supplies and keeping your rails straight is pretty complicated. That's a major reason I went with a Corsair TX PSU--it's single rail. Also, I got an awesome deal.

    Is your Thermaltake a Toughpower or Toughpower XT?

    EDIT: Is it the W0116RU?
  7. It's the toughpower. As for the rails i have both the pcie 6 pin ocuping the red rails that the sticker says it's for pcie. They are independent form each other aren't they?
  8. That series is the decent series of Thermaltake, so, test with another GPU or remove the audio card.
  9. From what I can find in the manual, I don't see any easy way to overload one rail. My guess is each PCI-e connector gets its own rail.

    I agree with Saint, you'd have to try pulling out individual pieces of hardware and duplicating the error to figure out what the problem is. It still could be the PSU since graphics failures usually don't crash the OS and memory & cpu errors usually give BSODs. Do you have anything to swap it with to check?
  10. Nope can't say i have. Only have an old pentium 4 PSU, a lc power 550w that doesn't even has pcie conectors...
    And the vga won't even start without the 2 of them plugged in... But wasn't it supposed the psu to fail when stressing vga, cpu or memory? tried memtest yesterday didn't gave any errors. Furmark for about 2 hours with post fx and displacement maping and 8x msaa. Vga reached 72 cº then stablelized. No crashes or reboots. Ran prime test to stress the cpu, it ran for about 3 hours and nothing. So far only happened in the witcher!! But when it happens no bsod and no driver crash... :pfff: And no hardware failure log in windows event viewer. :non:
    Could it be the PSU overheating? i have a thermaltake element S case so the psu stays below the mobo
  11. I had random shut downs a while ago i changed nearly mu whole pc over time as i could not find out what was causing the crashes. these also only happend in games and it was so random i could play for hours and nothing then start another game 10 mins and it would crash the times would vary all the time.

    i saved up for an ssd drive just because i wanted one and installed it as my main drive with the same os win 7 64 and not one crash since.

    before i got the ssd i had my system set up in raid, and that is the only difference now other than i dont crash anymore.

    so if you have a raid setup maybe try a single drive setup see if that makes any difference.

    sorry long story
  12. I really doubt that any stress test would not be far harder on your system than Witcher, but it is possible. Do you have a way of measuring your PSU temperature? A infrared gun, etc.?

    I would still lean to some issue with Witcher itself and pound the related forums for fixes. Just my $0.02.

    BTW, I found this on www.google.com http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080224135241AAQU3v2 . I would say it's worth a shot, right?
  13. I would not bet my money that it's not the game. However mine doesn't just crash to desktop it reboots the computer altogether. Never heard about a game with a bug that manages to do that. :ouch:
    I have nothing to measure the psu... what are the symptoms when they overheat? just burn or they shutdown?
  14. maddy617 said:
    I had random shut downs a while ago i changed nearly mu whole pc over time as i could not find out what was causing the crashes. these also only happend in games and it was so random i could play for hours and nothing then start another game 10 mins and it would crash the times would vary all the time.

    i saved up for an ssd drive just because i wanted one and installed it as my main drive with the same os win 7 64 and not one crash since.

    before i got the ssd i had my system set up in raid, and that is the only difference now other than i dont crash anymore.

    so if you have a raid setup maybe try a single drive setup see if that makes any difference.

    sorry long story

    As a matter of fact i've been monitoring some weird temps on my system disc. On my old system never passed 32cº and on this case it stays on 37 cº on idle.
    Weird because i have a 120 mm fan blowing air to both discs. Is there a more acurate program than HW monitor to check hard drive temperatures?
  15. Did you read the answer? The person didn't specify the type of crash, so I'd say it's worth a try.

    Honestly if Furmark and Prime95 didn't cause your system to fail, I really doubt it was your system.
  16. If you can't duplicate it outside of Witcher, then it's a problem with Witcher. It's not more demanding than Furmark and Prime95. Does reinstalling Witcher have any impact? It's very strange to crash Windows without a BSOD though. You can also try a fresh Windows install.

    It's pretty much not your hard drive temp. It could be your hard drive, but it's not the temp.
  17. How's it going?
  18. I have a nearly identical system and am running into the same problem in games(Rift, Aion, Borderlands) all causing a hard reboot like I pressed the reset button.

    I have done extensive stress testing and tweaking in the BIOS to no avail.

    Oddly, like Vitor, it is only in games...OCCT, Prime95, IntelBurnTest, MSI Kombustor and FurMark all ran for several hours without a hitch. Memtest with 5 passes on each RAM turned up 0 errors.

    So, Vitor, your not alone in this weird crash issue and its not just the Witcher that will cause it.
  19. I'm also having the same problem on a new build.
    Tried 3 different video cards, different hard drive setups
    (currently running Raid 5) pretty much everything I can
    think of. I used to only have the problem playing Rift
    but it has been happening during League of Legends lately.

    It also seems to be completely random. Won't happen for a few
    days, then last night 5 times in a row within a half hour.

    What I find interesting is that I have the same PSU as the OP.
    The 700w modular thermaltake.
  20. MY PSU is the older Thermaltake Toughpower 700w...but it worked flawlessly in my old build with SLI 260's where I only have 1 560 now.

    For reference my specs are:
    P8P67 Pro B3
    Gskill Ripjaws X 8Gb
    MSI GTX 560Ti
    2x WD Caviar Black 640 currently not RAID'd

    As an interesting note I am 100% stable in pure stress test, BUT I managed the reset button like reboot using Kombustor's Benchmark...yeah. Stress portion works well...Benchmark and my build passes out.
  21. Do you have a friend that can lend you a PSU for testing?
  22. No, but I doubt, in my case at least, it's psu related due to the fact I can take any of the stress tests in stride, often the gpu and cpu at near 100% usage on both at the same time for over an hour. I think we can agree that no game is gonna push either as hard as the myriad of stress test software....but still leaves me totally in the dark as to the mysterious cause.
  23. does anyone who has this problem has sptd security layer on their computer? Ran into a post the other day and a guy said that the sptd that installed with daemon tools was causing the issues... His computer stoped rebooting after he reformated and stopped using the SPTD. Worth a try i guess...
  24. I do not have those installed, but try this Vitor....get MSI Kombustor if you dont already have it.
    Run the Stress Test(any settings) and see if you get the crash. If not then run the Benchmark with the music enabled.

    If you get a crash then you need a new Mobo as it seems from extensive trial and error, with plenty of help, I narrowed my issue
    down to the Southbridge improperly handling IRQ's with audio. The stress tests dont use any audio, but the Benchmark does...so I would remain 100% stable on the stress, but crash by the 3rd Bench test screen usually. I did however manage to make it to the end twice, but the issue would occur eventually, but not once during HOURS of just stress tests.
  25. Hi,
    I've had this same issue that started about 4 weeks ago. Spontaneous reboots, no BSOD, no entries on on the event viewer log...nothing. The PC would just shut down and about 3 or 4 seconds after it would turn itself on again.
    Only happened while playing AION. Was completely random..could take 5 minutes..could take one hour. Could happen 2 or 3 times in a hour...could take 2 hours.
    I never really made it to replicate this behavior...I tried everything from stressing the computer with all the tools I could find like IntelBurnTest, FurMark, etc to diagnostics tools HDRegenerator, memtest, etc..and nothing..all tests passed with the diagnostics and under full load for several hours the PC would not shut down.
    I had IntelBurnTest (CPU and RAM) and FurMark (GPU) running simultaneously (both with their toughest settings) for more than an hour and no damn reboot...
    I could play WoW, Rift with no problems at all. This had never happen before in any of the PC's I had..I couldn't believe that a software alone (AION) could do such a thing, but apparently was only while playing it that the PC would reboot. I was hitting my head against the walls.

    The specs of the PC were not new (far from that):
    Intel quadcore Q6600 (stock cooler :p but behaving great for a non OCed CPU)
    Intel DP35DP
    ATI HD4870 (yeah..the first model that come out, having that fan issue..hitting some impressive 80º Centigrade while idle...around 90º while full..)...temps apparently normal according to ATI itself.
    4GB Kingston DDR2 800 (4 modules of 1GB)
    PSU NOX Urano II 630W
    2 HDD Sata2 (Samsung 500GB and Maxtor 200GB)
    2 DVD writers NEC still IDE :p
    Never OCed anything. Everything was stock.
    OS Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32bits (I know, I know...64bits to get every drop of the 4GB of ram but I really want the 32bits to avoid any compatibility issues that usually always shows up in the 64bit platform)

    My first guess was that the issue would be caused by overheating but after long hours checking, the CPU would never hit more than 65º under full stress. Motherboard around 55º to 60º. The GPU was in its normal interval (80º-90º) like it had always been in the last one and a half year.
    Still, I thought that probably the CPU was a bit too hot and I went out and bought a new cooler (ZALMAN 7000C-CU). Yeah, kinda of a cheap one but I didn't want to be spending too much money without having sure of what the problem was. After installing it, the CPU temps drop around 5º to 7º degrees. Didn't obviously solved the issue and the PC would still reboot playing AION.
    Useless to say that I've tried everything from uninstalling the game, reinstalling it again...same with the graphics drivers...I even gave myself to the work of installing old Win XP again in the Maxtor HD and dual boot. Having a different clean OS installed in a different HD, the issue happened again..reboot in AION...

    Well, I thought to myself, let's try a new graphic card..probably this one is getting messed up, so I went out and bought a NVidia GTX460 (EVGA). Installed it, tried AION...the first day was ok..no reboots at all..great! Played for about 4 hours. The problem seemed to be solved. On the second day...the good old reboot happen again after 30 minutes of playing the game...
    After that the reboots started happening with more regularity. Long story short, after 2 days...the PSU would turn on but I had no vga signal or any HD activity...I unplugged all HDs and DVD and started taking off the ram modules one by one...I could hear the PSU turning on, the fans too, but still no vga signal whatsoever...Motherboard dead? I asked a friend if he had a spare PSU he could borrow me so I could have sure about the mobo or the psu. After plugging the borrowed PSU (550 watts, can't really recall the brand, was just for testing), the PC turned on, vga signal and I could get to bios and start again the OS. Hey...I, thought to myself...it's the PSU!!! the damn PSU was dead!
    Needless to say that with another PSU...the PC would still reboot playing AION...lol
    So...what's left? CPU? (I didn't have any other to test)...Some mobo weird problem?

    After many hours testing (again) and trying to figure out what It could be, I finally gave up and opted to get new hardware...everything new...I'm not the hardcore FPS gamer, I just wanted to have a stable PC in which I could play my regular mmorpg's, so I opted for not spending that much money and returned to my beloved AMD plataform (AM3). I bought:
    Case COOLERMASTER DOMINATOR 690 II (bigger, more air flow and more bigger fans to put in)
    PSU CORSAIR HX-650W Modular
    I kept obviously the new NVidia GTX460 that I had bought.
    I kept the two sata2 HDD and the two DVD IDE writers.
    I just mounted the PC and I didn't have the time yet to install AION (is downloading as I'm writing this).

    Just to note one very important aspect...while I was installing win7 in the new PC, I did it by DVD and installed it to the 500GB Sata2 samsung. After one hour or so, I did get one BSOD (had to reboot - I think it was after I installed the Gigabyte drivers - the RAID drivers...) and several errors appearing in the event viewer. I did check them out and grab the MS tool to read the dump files and everything was pointing out to leakings in the registry and file issues around kernel.exe and another files. Damn, damn, damn...I was already pulling my hair!!! A brand new PC and already with BSOD and errors?!?!?
    Thou I have two HDD, I don't have them in RAID mode. Never had. The Gigabyte utility just installed them automatically.
    I unplugged the samsung and the IDE DVD I used to install windows, leaving only the maxtor (200GB) and the other IDE DVD as the only hardware that have come from the old PC. Made a USB bootable pen and put windows in it. Installed via USB to the Maxtor and voilá...no more BSOD or event viewer errors :) I went out and bought a new Seagate 1TB Sata 3. Installed windows once again (via USB! I didn't trust the DVDs anymore) :D and everything is running smoothly and stable now (for 2 days).

    Morale: Maybe the PSU was damaged and damaged also (with so many reboots) some of the hardware including the samsung HDD? That explains why replacing the PSU would still make the system work but unstable and still rebooting while playing. After it all, I'm not risking trying to experiment with the old hardware on this new one. I sold the Q6600 and apparently is working well so the CPU was ok. I lent the ATI to a mate of mine which has one too so he could try it (he hadn't have the time yet to test it but I'm pretty sure it'll be fine too). I still have the mobo with no chances of testing it for the time being. I will plug the samsung HD to an external 3.5 case so I can put HDRegenator testing it (again!! I did it before while trying to figure out the rebootings and everything was ok).

    Reading your posts and what maddy617 said about the SD drive, RAID and having changed almost all the PC...I thought the problem I had could somehow help you or give you some hints with your situation. I can be wrong but you will eventually end up switching every single component until you find out what's wrong.

    Sorry for the testament and typos :p. I'm not English. :p
    Good luck in solving your issue.
  26. PS: I forgot to mention that in the process of testing the old hardware, I bought too an watt reader and the power consumption under heavy load would was between 210 to 215 watts, going to around 180-190 watts sometimes. The PSU was a NOX 650 watts. It had obviously not 650w of real output but was more than enough for the 200 watts.
    I'll post here if the problem is completely solved after AION finishes downloading (it's around 14GB :p)
  27. Well it seems with all these posts, the one that's starting to not trust my PSu it's me... And the system disc for that matter...
    But i will try msi kombustor like bigchuck recomended, to see if my x-fi and the southbridge are the cause of the problem! if the problem persists the PSU is the next culprit...
    As for the hard drive i dunno... i have intel Rapid strorage management installed and so far no disc errors... but i'm in the need of more storage room so i might as well relieve the seagate of system disc duty
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