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Hello, I have a dell computer and I upgraded the video card to one that has DUAL DVI outputs that i've hooked up to two ASUS 23 inch monitors and all is well. I would like to connect this setup to my 40 inch LCD TV that is nearby, and have the RIGHT side monitor CLONED on the TV, meaning whatever I have on the right monitor should also appear on the TV. My TV accepts the RGB D-sub connector but I would really like to connect the TV with an HDMI cable so I have audio. Do I need tup upgrade to a dual DVI video card that also has an HDMI output and do these cards allow for all 3 ports to work at the same time?
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  1. I don't know if there is such a thing as a DVI splitter or something, but if you are about to go buy another videocard that has 2 DVI and a seperate HDMI output, is there any chance you can just install another videocard in the system? You will then have enough outputs to do what you ask and more.
  2. I diddn't know I could install two video cards. I think the ATI one I have in there now is PCIe so where would the second one go? Just a standard PCI video card in an available PCI slot? Im guessing it has to be ATI so one software can manage both? Sounds wierd, how do I handle three displays on 2 screens, will windowsXP allow that?
  3. I would use the same vendor if for anything, to save trouble, but ya more than one is possible. I had a motherboard a while ago that supported 3 types. PCI-E, AGP and PCI. Was branded ASROCK 939dual-vsta. Loved the board. never tried more than 1 videocard in it though.

    There is the option as well, upgrading to a crossfire or sli motherboard. In your case since you have an ATI card already I would go crossfire. They have 2 or more PCI-E slots made for adding multiple videocards. Either to combine gpu power for gaming or other 3D software or to use multiple monitors.

    Oh! Or you can get a cheap mobo that has video onboard plus you put your ATI card in as well. Most mobos now with video have VGA and DVI connections. That may be your cheapest option. Those boards are usually well under $100. Your ATI plus onboard gives you up to 4 connections. Just make sure you get one that has both DVI and VGA and some come with HDMI onboard.

    Give me your mobo model so I can look for one similar to your hardware that will integrate without re-installing windows. It would be best to find one with the same or similar chipset. Meaning ATI or N-force or Intel.
  4. I don't think windows XP will be a problem since it supports CROSSFIRE and SLI which are multiple videocards.
  5. Its is a dell inspiron 530 so im not sure what board it is. I just realized it has onboard video as well but when I plugged in the RGB cable it has no signal, I think that port was automatically turned off when I plugged in the PCIe card. Should I check and see in the startup settings or BIOS? See attached pic of the board:
  6. Inspiron 530/530a/530c
    Processor type Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processor
    Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor
    Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core processor
    Intel® Celeron® processor
    Level 2 (L2) cache At least 512 KB pipelined-burst, eight-way set
    associative, writeback SRAM
    Type DDR2 SDRAM(667/800-MHz)
    Memory connectors four
    Memory capacities 512 MB, 1 GB or 2 GB
    Minimum memory 512 MB
    Maximum memory 4 GB (Inspiron 530 only ) 8 GB(Inspiron 530a/530c)

    Computer Information
    Chipset G33/ICH9

    I think your Dell is the first 530. I think I see an IDE connector in the picture you posted. It seems the first 530 is the only one supporting the IDE port.

    I would try to enable video in the bios and then make sure you install the latest drivers for the onboard video. It seems the chipset is Intel so if you get the latest chipset and video drivers from the dell site it may work. Sometimes the intel chipset drivers include the onboard video drivers.
    It may not work right away. You might have to enable the other monitors in the display properties. Right klik on the desktop, not an icon. klik properties, then settings tab, advanced button then monitors tab. I guess you know this already since you have 2 screens on it already, but I will explain it for everyone else who may not know. WinXP only, Vista and 7 are different. 2000 and NT may be similar to XP.
  7. Ok, I looked again and it's a floppy connector that is only supported by the 530 not IDE. Still it seems that is what you have.
  8. Tried your suggestion and no luck, looks like it wont let the onboard video port work alongside with the other PCIe graphics card. Do they make a cheap DUAL DVI graphics card with HDMI out and can all three ports work at the same time? I've seen many video cards with 3 ports at the back but never thought all three can be actve at the same time to support 3 monitors at the same time?
  9. I also just messed with my media center PC which is also a dell and has onboard video disabled. That video card has THREE ports, one regular DSUB VGA, one DVI and one HDMI and when I connect the HDMI, the DSUB goes blank. Its an ATI card and windowsXP does not recognize all three monitors hooked up at the same time to give 3 active displays. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. Ah it says Unsupported video configuration detected. Sorry I can't answer the question about the 3 outputs on one video card. Haven't come up on that scenario yet. If it isn't possible. I would still recommend a new mobo that does support onboard video together with add-on video using intel chipset and DDR2 ram with a 775 intel cpu socket and maybe even an HDMI output. That way you dont have to reinstall windows and all your hardware will work with it. A cheap videocard like you suggest will be a lot easier if it does support all 3 outputs.
  11. Well maybe that pc supports onboard along with addon video together.

    Ah ok, never mind. Had to read that a couple times.
  12. hmmm.
    Would love to see the monitor box in the advanced preference on that machine. I know 2 videocards can do what you ask, but 1, I can't answer that. I do believe if you had an old PCI video card laying around you would solve your problem. Well not too old cause you do want HD res. Maybe even 1080p.
  13. That is a dell 530s (slim) desktop and I just put in a rerlatively new PCIe video card in that machine which has 3 ports plus onboard. I'll play with it tomorrow, take pics and post. Thank you kindly for all your help, looks like I may be in the right direction and I now know what im doing! Will update the thread with pics and info tomorrow. Cheers!
  14. OK. no prob. I see that tigerdirect still carries PCI videocards. None of them have HDMI on them though, but it can be used to run a DVI connection to a monitor.

    Good night.
  15. Sorry ive not updated sooner, been having a nightmare with this problem. I still have not been able to get 3 displays to run simultaneously. I tried to use the onboard VGA out with my PCI-e card and this is the error I got, U updated everything from BIOS to chipset drivers and latest version of ATI software, nothing!

    So I moved on and purchased an ATI Radeon HD 4350 PCI graphics card which has VGA/DVI AND HDMI! It was not cheap and I hoped it would work. When I connect this card, my pci-e card works until windows loads, then goes dead and the new PCI card kicks in. Windows has a ? against the original PCI-e card in device manager saying there is a problem with it, and when I right click on it and update driver, it updates the driver and upon restart, the entire system hangs and reboots when windows is loading, and the only way to get windows to load again is to select 'use my last good config' which basically undoes the 'update driver' part I did. PLEASE HELP im so lost and now out almost $100 on this new card that does nothing! BTW its an ATI chipset and made by HIS.
  16. Ok the first thing I would do here is call dell and ask their tech if they know of a way to do 3 or more screens. They might know if someone else asked and they already looked into it. Second thing would be to return the new videocard if they tell you it is not possible. I know someone who wanted to use an external dvd burner on their dell sys and found out that the model LG burner he had was not compatible with the dell system he had. Dell can be finiky. I am very sorry this didn't solve your problem. Maybe even try the Dell forums. It seems things arent working as they should.
    I always say "If you plan to do any type of upgrades, do not buy a brand name pc. Build one."
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