Improving my Windows Experience Index graphics score

I recently bought a new PC with an i7-980X chip, 12 Gig RAM, etc. and when I ran the Windows Experience Index (WEI) tests, it gave me a 7.8 (out of 8.0) score on processor, 7.8 on memory, 7.1 on graphics and gaming graphics, and a low 5.3 score for disk performance.

So, I put in a cheap 30 GB SSD drive thinking that would be the solution, but it only improved it to 5.9. Then, I opted for a even faster read performance drive like the Crucial RealSSD drive and now I'm getting 7.6.

Now, I want to improve my graphics performance. I have a Nvidia GTX 260 with 1.5TB VRAM, which according to the high-performance video cards charts on Tom's Hardware, shows it to perform within 10% of the best performing video graphics cards out there.

I'm wondering if there's another way to improve my WEI video results? I've tried downloading the latest Nvidia updates, but that hasn't helped. Am I being squashed by the dual, tri, quad-linked multi-GPU systems out there?

Any suggestions/insights would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. WEI is about as accurate at giving you a real idea of performance as putting on a blind fold, spinning in a circle and throwing a dart. Its not accurate at all, and often varies a fair amount between runs.

    A GTX 260 is far from being within 10% of the fastest cards out there, a GTX 580 is easily twice as fast but also far more expensive, why you are trying to get your WEI up to 8.0 i dont know, its not worth wasting the money on it since WEI keeps updating so in 3 months you will be back down to 7.6ish, just get enough performance to do what you need to do now well and upgrade when necessary otherwise you are just wasting a crap load of money.
  2. Hunter315 - that's true, WEI is worthless as a objective rating because it is constantly being updated.. I understand that. I'm not trying to max out the index or try to stay ahead of the technology curve, just trying to see if I can get better performance by tweaking the settings or downloading a driver. I guess I read the chart wrong, thanks for the update!

    Dipankar2007ind - That's a good suggestion, looks like they range in price from $215-300. Which specific model do you have? Diamond, Sapphire, etc. How much VRAM does your have? What kind of stuff do you use your video card for? I'm using mine mostly for 3d games.
  3. WEI isnt a fine enough measure, if you pick a game and use FRAPs to monitor your FPS in a certain part or use a built in benchmark in a game that will be more accurate and let you know if your tweaking has any effect, but for the most part software tweaks and updates wont give you more than 5% more at most and thats with quite a bit of tweaking.

    Which chart were you looking at? Some of them havent been updated in a while.
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