Hello, friends i need advise regarding graphic card. My system is ADM Athlon X4 630- motherboard is ECs A785GM M3-2GB DDR,22 inch Samsung B2230 monitor.I have on board Ati"s HD4200 512MHz graphics and 450 watt supply.I want to add GPU in 4000 RS (NR) range.I have short listed ATI4670 (1 gb) and GT 9500(1 gb). I use CPU mostly for movies and occasionaly for games.plz give me some advise . thanks.
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  1. The 4670 appears to be significantly more powerful than the 9500:,2782-7.html
  2. +1^
    4670 is far more powerful than 9500(Its actually comparable to 9600GT)
  3. Well, if 4670 and 9500GT are the options then go for HD4670.
    But, can't you buy HD5670 or GT240? At least you can survived longer with newer tech...
  4. thanks Maziar.
  5. Thanks WA1, but hd5670 is bit expensive ,it cost around 6300 RS (INR) and HD4670 is 4200 RS , GE 9500Gt 2900 RS.
  6. Alright, then get HD4670. Enjoy that card. :)
  7. which one is better sapphire HD4670 ddr3 or powercolour hd4670 ddr3
  8. Well, they're perform about the same, so choose a cheaper one...
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