Potential PSU failing?

I've recently started getting some rather random problems with my computer (as in, this all started in the past 3 days or so). First off, when playing games that put my graphics card under heavy load (Dragon Age 2 [rarely has the problem] and Shogun Total War 2 is the most notable offender) , it'll generally last about 15 or so minutes before the screen artifacts up and goes pixel rainbows on me. I can still hear the background noise from the game, and it's not looping, so I'm assuming this is the card for that reason..I also noticed that my card temps have gone up about 5c when under load than my normal, which means at about 88-100% fan speed under load the card will be at 65c, even though I've always been able to keep it somewhere between 59-61c under load. Already put in an RMA to eVGA for that, so I'm not so confused on that front.

This leads to the most recent problem..In the past day and a half, my computer has started to shut off by itself, even when idling. I could not be looking at it and it'll shut off like somebody flipped the main power switch on the back of the PSU. Now, I've had a PSU fail before and it came with all the wonderful requisite burning smell, BSODs etc and when it finally went it did just shut off the same way but I find it strange that I can boot back up immediately after it happens now. I've also ruled out the heat issue for the processor as I keep SpeedFan running at all times and a close eye on my processor heat, which generally never goes above about 55c under load, (idling at 42 currently) and even when it was dusty it never went about 61-62c.

So basically, what's the community opinion, given the issues? It's a Corsair 750w that I got less than a year ago to replace my junk Thermaltake 550w that blew up. I'm not sure if the PSU is just giving out, if maybe because the graphics card is busting down that is causing the shutdown, if I'm getting some strange power surges or if the surge suppressor itself might be causing the issue (it is pretty old now that I think about it). Specs below.

Edit: Speedfan is telling me that the +12V rail is running at 11.19. Obviously if this is supposed to be at 12V..It seems low, but I'm not much of an expert on how much juice the thing is intended to pump out at all times. Vcore is at 1.29 where I have it set to 1.319 in BIOS. Just to be clear, I'm pretty sure I've always gotten some bleed like that on the Vcore so..There's that.

Corsair 750W PSU
eVGA nForce 780i mobo
4x2GB Corsair DDR2 800 RAM
Intel Quad Core Q6600 OC'd @ 3.0ghz
GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked
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  1. What does BIOS report on the voltages? Have you tried running it without the surge suppressor to eliminate that as a culprit?
  2. Or verify the 12 volt rail with a digital multimeter.
  3. i would confirm the 12v rail with a multimeter as said above. you never know where the software is measuring the voltage from. Is the power supply fan running? also, your saying your vid card temps are up and you will rma the card? those are lower than normal temps and you have no grounds to rma the card on this, you should be slapped :P
  4. You're telling me that a card that has begun to artifact and glitch out and is no longer stable shouldn't be RMA'd? Do you just wait for the brakes on your car to go out instead of getting them fixed when you wear them grinding?

    Anyway, the PSU fan is indeed running and after it had happened for the second time yesterday it hasn't happened since, so I suppose it's possible there were so random power surges and I'll probably replace the surge suppressor anyway just to be safe.
  5. ShiftyW said:
    You're telling me that a card that has begun to artifact and glitch out and is no longer stable shouldn't be RMA'd? Do you just wait for the brakes on your car to go out instead of getting them fixed when you wear them grinding? .

    No, I'm telling you just because you hear grinding coming from your wheel area, doesnt necessarily mean its your brakes. could be a wheel bearing or a stick stuck in there. Artifacts can be caused by unstable power. Go away and learn something about computers rather than making an ass of yourself.
  6. I can see that you're mad, but I'm less than inclined to believe unstable power is an issue when all the issues stem from one particular area, not to mention the fact that the BIOS readings on the voltages were fine. I've gone through my fair share of video cards (and if you think temps 65c and over are "good," then you must be completely lost) and the symptoms are rather simple to decipher; Occam's razor, anyone?
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