Looking for tweaks/settings for best performance on new build

Hello all-I recently built my first computer using the following components and am looking for advice on how to make it perform as well as I can. I know I need more RAM and a better video card but for now this is what I have and I want it to run as well as possible.

Xigmatek Asgard II mid-tower case
Biostar A770e3 MOBO
AMD Phenom II X2 840 Quad core
4GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3-1333
500GB Hitachi 7200 RPM HDD
Samsung 22x DVD-RW w/ LIghtscribe
(2)eXtreme Silent Xigmatek 120mm fans
Eagle Voltas 600w PSU
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  1. could you re-phrase word "perform" as in gaming? HD movies?
  2. Sorry about that-this computer is kinda all-purpose for me. A little bit of movie watching(I do have a full HD monitor), and some light gaming(older stuff like Diablo 2). It is doing this pretty well in my opinion but figured that since I dont know much about fine tuning things that it could be better.
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