GTX 460 vs HD 6850

which of these graphic cards is the best for 1680 x 1050 resolution monitors.

Zotac GTX 460 Amp - [...] 6814500171


MSI N460GTX Hawk - [...] 6814127518


Sapphire Toxic HD 6850 - [...] -_-Product
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  1. repair your links please... :)
  2. There is very little to choose between the cards. If you are interested in the 6850, I would actually recommend the Asus based on a recent review:
  3. linus aparently OCs the gtx 460 hawk to 5870 levels so and was comparing it to a stock gtx 480
  4. I think it is ALL personal preference on brand. You can always overclock the cards yourself pretty easily. I am partial to ASUS because I've dealt with their tech support many times and am familiar with it. However, there are alot of good brands as long as they have a good cooler on them.

    The 6850 outperforms the GTX460 1GB in more than not, but not by much. As far as overclocking, they both overclock very well so it kind of comes down to preference. I am sorta partial to the GTX460 though, you can get some really good deals on them as they have been out a while.

    Here is a Gigabyte for $180 - $10MIR + Free shipping = $170. I think that's a pretty good deal.
  5. GTX460 Hawk is better, you can OC it far, far away, make this card is really fast...
  6. There's nothing between the cards on performance or overclocking. The nVidia's have lower temps, the radeon much lower power draw and noise level is about the same.
  7. depends on the games you plan to play, some games prefer ati card some choose nvidia. there isn't any losers on your list though, i'd say the 6850 if you plan to overclock but really even then its kind of a tossup. does your mobo support xfire or sli for upgrading donw the road... if it supports one and not the other that'd be my choice.. but if it supports niether then tell us the games ya wanna play we'll look at the ebnches on said games and be ablke to advise you better
  8. I am upgrading my computer to an AM3 chipset.

    I am looking for a motherboard. I have this in my mind MSI 870-G45 which supports crossfire.

    OR MSI NF750-G55 (supports SLI)

    MSI 870-G45 supports only 16x 4x crossfire. So do you think that would be a waste If I am pairing it with two HD 6850's.

    I want to play Crysis, GTA 4 and all the latest games with MAX settings at 1680*1050 monitor.
  9. A single HD6870 or GTX470 is enough to maxed out anything at 1680*1050...
  10. i read somewhere that 2x hd 6850s perform better in crossfire then 2x 5870s, and no this is not a typo
  11. exhail said:
    i read somewhere that 2x hd 6850s perform better in crossfire then 2x 5870s, and no this is not a typo

  12. That Sapphire Toxic is very good.
  13. I went with the Hawk.It's going for $159 now with rebate
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