Giving POE with non POE switch

I have a problem Houston.

Our LAN uses Cisco 3560G switches. These are non PoE switches.

We are getting a new phone system very soon. We are going VoIP with this new system. Looking at Avaya's IP Office for our solution currently.

Ok, you see my problem. These 3560G switches are not even a year old yet and I'd hate to have buy brand new Cisco PoE 3560's to allow for the VoIP.

Is there a product out there? A multi-port power injector that could run from my current switches and give the power needed over the cabling? I do hope so, cuz 3 x 48port 3560G POE switches are going to cost us alot of money.
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  1. You need what is called a "Power injector" for networks. Cisco along with many other companies make them.
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