No visual display using the expansion slot GPU


After ordering and receiving my new chassis off Newegg, I disassembled the old chassis and put my parts in the new. This is a custom homebuilt computer, parts as follows:

m61pme GIGABYTE mobo
450w PSU
4gig (2x2) DDR2 800 Kingston RAM
AMD Anthlonx2 4800+ CPU
HD5670 1GIG DDR5
320gig HITACHI 7200 rpm HDD

My Monitor is a 32" invizio television.

Up until now my entire set up has had no problems. The computer starts, POSTS and even signs in to the desktop. The ONLY problem is absolutely no visual.

I have done everything I can imagine: Removing the mobo battery, waiting overnight and reinserting (this has worked before); making the needed configurations in BIOS; swapping out the GPU; using a different monitor; re-seating the RAM; re-seating the graphics card; re-installing the latest drivers.

The graphics card is locked into place and bolted in with a screw. The fan spins, but using the HDMI port yields no visual. Using the DVI port also yields no visual.

I consider myself well articulated and versed in computer hardware, but this has left me completely stumped. I turn to you all in hopes that someone can help.
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  1. How do you know that the system is POSTing and booting to Windows? And how do you reconfigure the BIOS with no video display?

    And have you tested the video card in another computer?
  2. Have you selected the HDMI input on the monitor? Can you try any other type connections on the monitor(DVI, VGA)? Can you start in safe mode and get any picture on any monitor?
  3. I was using the onboard video + a CRT to get visual.

    The problem was solved, however, after my dad inspected my case and noticed I hadn't put in any standoffs to hold up my board. Took the ones out of my old case, attached them to the new chassis, screwed in my mobo and voila.

    My expansion card wasnt seated properly like I thought it was.
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