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Hey, I am thinking about getting another graphics card for around £60 to crossfire with my current one, i have a crossfire motherboard but dont know how well the graphics card will work together, i do not know alot about how graphics work and even less about how they work together.

My current graphics card (this is the 1gb version, mine is the 512mb version) -

My motherboard -

The Graphics Card i'm thinking of getting -

The only reason i was thinking about getting this one is because its the same make, that is the only reason.

Also i use 2 screens, am i gunna have to plug one monitor into one and one into anohter, or both into one i dont know how it works, could someone please give me some answers that i can understand :P

Thanks Blamire3 :)
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  1. That's an nVidia card. You can't sli on an AMD mobo. Your old card is pretty bad, and the gt220 isn't a lot better, and I'm not even sure if you can sli those anyway but their combined power would still be pretty low.

    You can get a much faster card than the gt220 for not a lot more.

    This card would be faster than your 9400gt and the gt220 combined.

    There is also a much cheaper 512mb version but if you are going to use 2 screens a lot then it might be better to go with the 1gb version.

    Both are a lot faster than a gt220 and 9400gt combined. Sell your 9400gt on ebay, you should get about £15 for it, which would just about pay for the 1gb 5670 + the cash you were gonna spend on the gt220.

    As for connecting both screens, you would connect them to one card.

    As you can see there, the 5670 512mb is twice as fast as the gt220 for the same price.
  2. Thanks for your post, it was very helpful and really easy for me to understand =)

    I will probably end up purchasing the 1gb 5670 but is there no way i can use that one with my current graphics card? as this one is a readon not a nvidia or am i just getting confused!?
    cos i have heard if i have a low end card which my current one is that if i run it with the 1gb 5670 it could slow the 1gb 5670 down alot

    Thanks Blamire3
  3. You can't combine nVidia and ATI cards unless you have a specialist motherboard, but if you could then yes the 9400gt would slow down the 5670 to the same speed as it, meaning you'd lose a lot of performance compared to just having the 5670.

    If the cash is a bit tight, that 512mb 5670 should probably work quite well btw. What resolution are your two screens running at?
  4. Yeah I didn't bother mentioning that because a 9400gt isn't really good enough for PhysX anyway. Also, with 2 screens the 1gb framebuffer might be a better idea than the 512mb, hard to tell without knowing the resolutions of each screen.
  5. eyefinity... that was an unbiased argument with benches for proof. in fact all of your posts today have been clear, consise, helpful and with link to support good decitions. thank you.

    i'll definatly back it . the 5670 would be a great choice for your setup at a good price and support his multimonitor setup and as it has eyefinity you can even throw in a 3rd monitor to the setup should you desire in the future
  6. Thank you all for your posts this has helped me understand my options alot better :)
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