Computer startup no beeps after battery change

Hello, I recently changed the battery in my computer because the clock would not stay correct. I now have no video output and no beeps on power up. I understand this may be the bios. How do I reset this on an MSI MS7191 motherboard.
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  1. There should a jumper right beside the little pc speaker under the last PCI slot. read above it to make sure(you have the board in front of you, i do not), i think its that one. Unplug the computer move that jumper(to the top 2 pins i think, opposite of whatever it is now) for a few min then move it back plug in and boot.

    You also have onboard video, it may not hurt to try to connect your screen to that in case it has become default.
  2. Thanks for the response at this hour on Christmas eve. I cannot seem to find the speaker you are referring to. Is it on the motherboard?? Sorry - I am not that familiar with these things.
  3. Should be there. Read to make sure it is the cmos one, should be labeled above it

  4. Maybe I have given you some incorrect info on the motherboard. I cannot see the speaker you show in the picture. The board has the stamp "MS-7191 version 1.1"in one location. The computer is about 3 years old running Windows XP. Is there anything else you need to know - possibly a picture??
  5. I see now on your picture and think I found it. Do I just move the plastic cover up?
  6. Just move it up for a few min then move it back It. The system should be powered off and unplugged when doing this.
  7. Gave that a try but didn't help. What about the onboard video option? - how would I test that?
  8. Remove your video card then boot with your screen connected to the onboard video to see if it posts then.

    It may not hurt to remove and reinstall your memory sticks in case you loosened them when you removed the old batter.
  9. There is no video card other than the onboard one and other sites I have looked at say it can't be removed. Apparently it is soldered in? Is it possible that I caused static electricity damage removing the battery. Didn't notice anything and was on a plastic mat?
  10. Plastic is not great as it is static electricity friendly.

    You are going to want to ensure all cables are firmly connected(there should be a main power cable and a small 4 pin power connector near the cpu socket. Are those both connected.)

    Did you try to remove then reinstall the memory?
  11. Well, I've tried everything and still no luck. It must be more than just the BIOS. Looks like it will be going in for some work. Thanks very much for all your help though. Merry Christmas.
  12. Same to you, best of luck with that.

    may be worth a look here, some of it is over what you may want to do, but some may be worth a look still
  13. Nukemaster - I have a similar computer at the office. If I swap the hard drive from the down computer into the other one would it work. I guess the question is whether there is info stored on the hard drive that is specific to the rest of the hardware.
  14. No, the hard drive should not prevent booting, but to test that, you just disconnect the hard drive. A board will POST(Power on Self Test) without a hard drive or cd drive.

    All it needs to post is the board,memory(only need 1 stick),cpu(with its fan pluged in and installed),video(onboard anyway) and power(both connections). Even without a keyboard and mouse the system will show something on the screen.
  15. My thought is that if I can get the other computer to run with the hard drive from the problem computer than I can retrieve the information I need. I don't really need the problem computer - just the info on the hard drive.
  16. If you just need data, Just install the problem computers drive, but DO NOT boot from it, boot from its normal drive and it will see the problem computers drive(it will just get an extra letter in My Computer). Then you should be able to get files off.

    If you get access denied errors, you may have to take ownership of the drive.
  17. Hopefully this is my last question. I installed the other computer but once hooked up it seems to want to boot from the CD. Do I go into the BIOS setup and change the boot order. Thanks for all your help.
  18. Yes, but you will have to chance the hard drive boot order so it does not try to boot from the broken computer drive. Booting from the broken computers drive may cause windows to blue screen error since it is on a board it does not recognize.
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